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Magic items are a recurring item tier in Diablo series, more powerful than normal items, adding one or two affixes to the basic item.


Magic Item

A magic item with a Beryl prefix, and Energy suffix.

Magic items are fairly common in all Diablo games. They are denoted by their name being colored blue, as opposed to a normal item's white name color. When a Magic item is dropped from a chest or monster, it initially appears as not identified and unidentified (in Diablo I and Diablo II).

When you identify a Magic Item, you will see certain words added to the item's name, either prefixes (Such as "Brutal Short Sword"), suffixes ("Axe of Frost"), or a combination of both ("Glowing Ring of Craftsmanship"). Each prefix or suffix represents one magical property on the item. However, multiple prefixes or suffixes can't appear on one single Magic Item (For more on that, see Rare Items). This means that a Magic item can have a maximum of two affixes. There is a 1/4 chance of a Magic item having both a prefix and a suffix, a 1/4 chance of only a prefix, and a 1/2 chance of only a suffix. In Diablo I, unlike other games, affixes can actually be negative, lowering attributes (such as Tin affix lowering the chance to hit).

Almost every attribute that appears on Magic items can also appear on Rare items, but there are a few that are Magic-only (they will only appear on Magic items).


A magic item in Diablo III.

In Diablo III, magic items do not need to be identified. All the item's properties are exposed when it is picked up, and can be worn immediately. It can have between one and two magical properties, which will determine the prefix and suffix. Salvaging Magic items awards several Arcane Dust.

Magic items return in Diablo IV.[1]


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