Maggot Lair
Act Act II
Quests The Horadric Staff
Levels 3
Monsters Death Beetle, Scarab, Sand Maggot, Rock Worm, Black Locusts
Adjacent Zones Far Oasis
Area Level Normal 17
Area Level Nightmare 45, 45, 46
Area Level Hell 84, 84, 85
Waypoint No

The Sand Maggot Lair is a network of tunnels dug by Sand Maggots who manage to hoard a chest with the Staff of Kings inside. While the loot is good, the narrowness and the crookedness of the tunnels means that people without Teleport would have a hard time here. Necromancers in particular should keep their minions to a minimum, unless they have the Enigma Rune Word. On the other hand, the inhabitants of the Lair will be especially vulnerable to Bone Spear, and Inferno as they are forced to line up single file in the tunnels.

As expected, this cavern is filled to the bulge with Scarab Demons, Rock Worms and the Sand Maggots themselves. The main boss of the hole is a giant Maggot Queen named Coldworm the Burrower, who remains stagnant within its cavern constantly creating new recruits in its colony.

On Hell difficulty, the third level of the Maggot Lair is also an area level 85 zone since patch 1.10, but it is generally shunned as a MF location due to being a difficult area due to the tight corridors, and it is not very accessible due to being randomly placed in the Far Oasis.


As with many other maps in Diablo 2, the randomly generated map in this level follows a specific pattern. To make pathfinding much easier, follow these steps:

1. Imagine a clock in the center of the map. The hour hand is pointing towards the "tunnel" which leads to the room with the entrance.

2. Imagine the clock's hour hand going counter clockwise, 1/4th of a turn.

3. The hour hand of the clock will now be pointing towards the direction of the room with the exit.


Picture showing the pathfinding pattern.

Another way to think of it is this:

When the hour hand of the clock is pointing towards the room with the enterance, it will be pointing towards one of the corners of the screen ("Corner A"). When it is pointing towards the exit, it will be pointing towards the corner to the LEFT of "corner A".

Another photo showing the pathfinding pattern.

This trick works for many areas in Diablo 2, such as the durance of hate (but clockwise) and the countess' tower (also clockwise).

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