For the Diablo II enemy type, see Sand Maggot.

"Searching for the maggot brood has been quite an adventure. I first observed the corpse of one near the road to Westmarch, where it raised such a stench that my new assistant vomited twice on my favorite traveling cloak. The stains came out eventually, but I was sorely vexed."

Abd al-Hazir(src)

Maggot Brood in-game

Maggot Broods are a type of enemy.


Diablo IIIEdit

Maggot brood

Maggot Broods are Beast enemies in Act V of Diablo III. They are only encountered in Blood Marsh, Paths of the Drowned and the local caves (Perilous Cave most notably). One can easily recognize them by a bunch of glowing white and green worms hanging from the beast's body.

As of patch 2.2, the Maggots can also be found in Ruins of Sescheron in Act III. As of 2.4, a single Maggot Brood can appear on Greyhollow Island.

Maggot Broods often hide in the ground, emerging to attack the player. In addition to their slow melee attack (Maggot Brood itself attacks with its massive claws), they can hurl a volley of 5-10 putrid Maggots attached to their backs. Each Maggot is a separate unit (capable of attacking with its mandibles), and explodes in a short-ranged blast of Poison damage when killed, with a very brief delay. In a few seconds, the Maggot Brood is ready for another launch as a new portion of Maggots grows quickly at its body. Maggot Broods are not immune to Knockback, despite their size.

In some caves, Maggots can be found living on their own. They can hide on the ceiling to drop on unwary heroes from above.

In Ruins of Sescheron, one may encounter Frozen Maggots, which often hide in Yeti corpses. These are larger than their Act V counterparts, and deal more damage. They can explode voluntarily, if needed, dealing Cold damage in wider radius.

Unique MaggotsEdit

Unique Maggot BroodsEdit


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  • Apparently, the Maggots are parasites and not the beast's own progeny: unique brood mother maggots can be found in the caves, and numerous dead Maggot Broods are scattered throughout the marsh, presumably died from being leeched dry. One may also observe maggots feeding on rotting corpses, leading to conclusion that they are scavengers.
  • Bogan hunt and kill Maggot Broods, and even keep them as trophies.



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