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For the Diablo II enemy type, see Sand Maggot.
"Searching for the maggot brood has been quite an adventure. I first observed the corpse of one near the road to Westmarch, where it raised such a stench that my new assistant vomited twice on my favorite traveling cloak. The stains came out eventually, but I was sorely vexed."

Maggot Brood in-game

Maggot Broods are ambush predators that can be found in the swamplands — and rarely, tundras[1] of Sanctuary. They burrow into wet ground/snow, or hide in shallow muddy ponds, then pounce on unsuspecting prey that stray close. They can be identified even in hiding by their horrible stench.

Maggot Broods carry their young on their bodies. When hunting elusive prey they shed their young to swarm the prey before eating the prey together with their young.[2]

Their young is responsible for the Green Death, which is contacted if a person drinks water infested with the eggs.[3]


Diablo Immortal[]

"These stinking horrors burrow to conceal their great mass and stench from prey, then burst from the ground to spray clutches of parasites. Once their quarry is knee-deep in maggots, the beasts consume both their intended meal and their own offspring."

- Horadric Bestiary entry(src)

Maggot Brood DIHB

A Maggot Brood in Diablo Immortal

At least one Maggot Brood is encountered in Diablo Immortal during the "Among the Bodies" quest on Bilefen. It is accompanied by Frog Demons and Bog Larva. It has three main attacks; a claw swipe, shedding its larvae to swarm the player, and spitting poisonous bile at them. It can also burrow into the ground to ambush the player from underground.

Diablo III[]

Maggot brood

Maggot Broods are Beast enemies in Act V of Diablo III. They are only encountered in Blood Marsh, Paths of the Drowned and the local caves (Perilous Cave most notably). One can easily recognize them by a bunch of glowing white and green worms hanging from the beast's body.

Maggot Broods often hide in the ground, emerging to attack the player. In addition to their slow melee attack (Maggot Brood itself attacks with its massive claws), they can hurl a volley of 5-10 putrid Maggots attached to their backs. Each Maggot is a separate unit (capable of attacking with its mandibles), and explodes in a short-ranged blast of Poison damage when killed, with a very brief delay. In a few seconds, the Maggot Brood is ready for another launch as a new portion of Maggots grows quickly at its body. Maggot Broods are not immune to Knockback, despite their size.

Unique Maggot Broods[]


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  • Bogan hunt and kill Maggot Broods, and even keep them as trophies.