A Mage is a type of magic user in Sanctuary. Specializations of this profession include the Archmage.[1] In the opinion of Covetous Shen, mages aren't known for being personable.[2] Many mages spend their lives trying to transmute base metals into gold.[3] Most mages consider melee combat to be distasteful, and engage their foes almost exclusively through magic.[4] They are usually required to train at one of the few magical academies in Sanctuary.[5]


Diablo IEdit


In Diablo I, all magi with the exception of one of their unique brethren can only be found through traversing the depths of Hell. They appear as old men dressed in robes, and each type of Mage is associated with a particular spell that they will cast at will upon the approach of a hero. Firebolt, Fireball, Charged Bolt, and Lightning are the four spells wielded by the different types of Magi.

Each of the four types also has Flash, which they will use when a hero gets too close. They use Phasing as their only way of movement, and will consistently use it to get away from their foes after suffering more than 50% of their total HP in damage.


Diablo ImmortalEdit

Mages are encountered as enemies in Diablo Immortal.

Known MagesEdit

Note: This includes individuals from the list above for the sake of consistency.


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