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"One-handed maces are primarily bludgeoning weapons, from crude clubs to bone-crunching hammers to flanged or spiked maces that can pierce skin or heavy carapaces on impact."

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A Mace is a type of blunt weapon useful in cracking or breaking harder forms of defense or flesh, such as Shields, Armor or bone. It is seen in all three Diablo games.

Diablo IEdit

Maces are Blunt weapons, therefore more effective against the Undead, but less effective against beasts. The Maul is a large two-handed Hammer.

Diablo IIEdit

Diablo II mace data[1]
QL Name Damage Speed Max sockets Range Str req Dex req Lv req
8 Mace 3–10 0 2 0 27
13 Morning Star 7–16 10 3 1 36
19 Flail 1–24 −10 5 2 41 35
35 Flanged Mace 15–23 0 2 0 61 23
39 Jagged Star 20–31 10 3 1 74 25
43 Knout 13–35 −10 5 2 82 73 25
63 Reinforced Mace LoD 41–49 0 2 0 145 46 47
70 Devil Star LoD 43–53 10 3 1 153 44 52
76 Scourge LoD 3–80 −10 5 2 125 77 57
Diablo II one-hand swing attack speed data[2]
Class Base attack frames Base attacks per second
Amazon 13 1.92
Assassin LoD 14 1.78
Barbarian 15 1.66
Druid LoD 18 1.38
Necromancer 18 1.38
Paladin 14 1.78
Sorceress 17 1.47

Maces are one-handed blunt, melee weapons in Diablo II.

Mace damage scales with the wielder's Strength, with each point of Strength equivalent to 1% enhanced damage.[3] Magic and rare maces can have either Barbarian or Paladin skill prefixes.[4] Like other blunt weapons, maces are compatible with Barbarian Mace Mastery, and have an inherent +50% damage to undead modifier.

Clubs, maces, hammers and scepters are all labeled "mace class" in-game, but the four weapon types have distinct properties.

Two quest items, Khalim's Flail and Khalim's Will, are maces.

Set macesEdit

There are no set maces in classic.

The set maces in the Lord of Destruction expansion are:

Unique macesEdit

The unique maces in classic are:

Additional unique maces in the expansion are:

Mace rune wordsEdit

The maximum number of sockets possible in a mace is 5.

In the expansion, the following Weapon Rune Words function in nonmagic maces (but not necessarily clubs, hammers, or scepters) with exactly the specified number of sockets:

Additional Rune Words for maces in ladder play are:

Diablo IIIEdit

Maces return in Diablo III. They attack slower than axes and swords. Maces no longer deal increased damage to Undead, though. Two-Handed Maces are now a separate weapon type.

Maces, axes and swords can be freely transmogrified into each other.

In a manner of speaking, Flails are a separate, Crusader-only type of maces.

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