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Lysander is a resident of Lut Gholein. An exclusive potion dealer and alchemist, Lysander is short-tempered and nearly deaf, due to explosive failures in the mixing of ingredients. He wants to know why people are always wasting his time, even if they have never met before.[1] Grumpy and peevish, he leaves his "research" only for gold.[2]


Lysander is an NPC from Diablo II, Act II. He is an old and grumpy alchemist, mixing potions and selling them. His shop is near Fara in the center of the town. He sells Thawing Potions, Antidote Potions, Keys, Gas Potions, Exploding Potions, Healing Potions and Mana Potions.



  • "Hello."
  • "Greetings."
  • "What? Did you say something?"
  • "There's nothing the right potion can't cure."
  • "Eh... Back again, uh?"
  • "Welcome to my shop."
  • "Good morning."
  • "Good day."
  • "Good evening."
  • "Ok, be that way."
  • "You'll be back."
  • "I need your help."
  • "Farewell."
  • "Goodbye."
  • (Return from Act III) "Well, what the hell do you want? Oh, it's you. Uh, hi there."


  • General
How do I know I can trust you? Hmm?

You may be as shifty as that pack rat, Elzix, who runs the Inn. But, if you need a potion, though, I suppose I can make you one... for a price, of course.


  • Potions
Potions are delicate mixtures. They're just as liable to go off in your face as anything.
Ah... The sweetest desert flower - that's Atma. Even my strongest brew can't bring back her family, though.
There are some ancient enchanted fountains in the desert that can heal your wounds - if you drink enough from them.
  • Deafness
Oh. Deafness has its advantages, you know. I'm no longer forced to overhear the tedious gossip of others.
  • Brothels
I never patronized the brothels, mind you. But since those ladies took up hiding in the palace, there certainly has been less scenery to feast my eyes on.
Oh... I have great faith in Greiz. He seems to have things well in hand.
I've traded my potions to Warriv many times. Yes. They seem to fetch a good price in the western lands.
I've sold many sea-sickness potions to Meshif over the years. It seems that many of his passengers don't take well to the rocking of his ship on the open seas.
Oh... Young Jerhyn used to purchase minor love potions from me, hoping to win the favors of the harem girls.

But now that the girls have taken up residence in the palace, he doesn't come around here anymore. Well, well... I've always said, 'alchemy is no substitute for experience'.
Drognan? Oh.. He's a good friend of mine. I help him find exotic spell components and alchemical books from time to time. I think he used to be a sorcerer of great renown, but he doesn't like to talk about his past.

Radament's LairEdit

  • After Initiate
I hear that beast is after body parts. Does he eat them? Oooh... Ghastly!
  • Early Return
Huh? Peppermint? Oh, Radament! Yes, yes. Ooh, a foul creature...

Some of my exploding potions should do quite nicely against him. They usually work well against the undead.
  • Upon Completion
Uh... Little of what I am able to hear is of any value. Radament's death, however, is news worth hearing. I'm sure Atma will be glad to hear of this.

The Tainted SunEdit

  • After Initiate
Claw Vipers! This outer darkness mirrors the inner blackness of their souls. It is they who have eclipsed the sun, I'll wager. They are a venomous band.
  • Early Return
Well... I don't know much about the habits of Claw Vipers, to be honest. Drognan will probably know something about the nature of the magic at work.
  • Upon Completion
Ahhh... Claw Vipers are fond of magical artifacts. Did you happen to find one in their temple?

The Arcane SanctuaryEdit

  • After Initiate
Horazon found it necessary to lock himself up for all time, just to protect himself from those angry demons. Such is the fate of one who practices the summoning arts... that, or eternal damnation. There's old summoners and bold summoners, but no old, bold summoners.
  • Early Return
Huh? The horizon is always out of reach, you should know that. Oh, Horazon! Oh, I see. Uh.

Yes. Well. He was insane. Brilliant, yes, but... total lunatic.
  • Upon Completion
Horazon's urinal? Oh, journal! Yes, well... Glad you found it. Such a shame about those poor harem girls, huh? I shall miss them deeply... I mean their conversations, of course.

The SummonerEdit

  • Early Return
Ah, yes. I remember. There was a... fellow around here many months ago who asked almost as many questions about Horazon as you.

So... He discovered enough to assume Horazon's place in the Arcane Sanctuary, huh? What a fool!
  • Upon Completion
Huhhh... Such is always the fate of those who meddle with evil.

The Seven TombsEdit

  • After Initiate
When Tal Rasha chose to embody the spirit of Baal, he knew his doom was to wrestle eternally against the will of the greater Evil. Look around you and ask yourself, 'Has the battle been won or lost?'
  • Upon Completion
I'm sorry things didn't turn out as you had hoped. Go and remember us fondly. You know, you bothered me far less than most.

Gossip about LysanderEdit

Some of the other locals give their thoughts concerning Lysander.

Oh, Lysander is cranky, but he's a good old man. He used to give me medicines when... my son was ill.
Lysander is harmless enough. We keep each other company with our mutual interests, yet I don't think he could handle the enormity of our present situation.
That Lysander's a grumpy old cuss. You'd better not disturb him while he's working on his potions, or... BOOM! You could get blasted to the moon.
I've got no time for old alchemists. Lysander would be completely useless in a real fight.
I'd stay clear of Lysander, if I were you. He's always mixing his damned potions and chemicals. I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up blowing himself to smithereens!
For trade in magic and the like, see Drognan or Lysander. Drognan is the wisest man I know - without equal in magic and ancient lore. Poor Lysander is nearly deaf, but he's a reliable potion chemist.


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