For the Lut Gholein alchemist, see Lysander.
For the island of the same name, see Lycander (Island).

Lycander was an angel, one of those who joined with Inarius in his effort to create a realm free from the Great Conflict.


The coupling of angel and demon in Inarius's world led to the birth of the nephalem, among which was Philios. Lycander was drawn to him and the two fell in love. When the demoness Lilith massacred Sanctuary's renegade demons and angels however, Lycander fled to Heaven. While there, she maintained contact with Philios through the Sightless Eye. In time however, Lycander's fellow angels discovered she was communicating with someone outside Heaven, though did not know who it was. Lycander ended the romance and insisted that Philios hide the Eye so that Heaven would not learn of Sanctuary's existence.

In the current day, Lycander is part of the Askari pantheon of deities, worshiped alongside Philios. One of the islands of the Skovos Isles bears her namesake.[1]


In Diablo II, Lycander's Aim and Lycander's Flank Amazon Weapons are named after Lycander.

In Diablo III, one may find a staff that once belonged to Lycander.


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