Lut Socks are Legendary boots in Diablo III. They require character level 8 to drop.

They are specifically designed for Barbarians, allowing those to use Leap three times (one normal cast, and up to two free casts in the cooldown window). While it may seem not the most important bonus, in reality they are intended for use with the Might of the Earth set, resulting in casting Earthquake three times in succession, plus a normal cast. The only drawback is that the remaining cooldown reduction effects (including the set's bonus for 2 items) will not work during the 2-seconds window.

Stats (Level 8)Edit

Lut Socks

Lut Socks
Legendary Boots

  • 44-57 Armor


Southal of Lut Bahadur crafted these boots in order to reach high, open windows to make his thieving easier. He was last seen disappearing into the night in the claws of a large carrion bat.


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Prior to version 2.0, they came with a different description:

"It was the damndest thing — whenever I wore those boots it was as if treasure would just leap into my hands." — Nathyn of Gea Kul

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