Lower Kurast
Act Act III
Quests None
Monsters Doom Ape, Hell Buzzard, Tree Lurker, Zakarumite
Adjacent Zones Flayer Jungle, Kurast Bazaar
Area Level Normal 22
Area Level Nightmare 52
Area Level Hell 80
Waypoint Yes

Lower Kurast was part of the city of Kurast. It had been the poorest section of the city, meant for laborers, and a good place to hide if need be.[1]


Lower Kurast features in Act III of Diablo II. It is usually connected to the Flayer Jungle, and connects to the Kurast Bazaar.

Its entrance from the jungle-side is usually guarded by the Super Unique Monster, Stormtree.

The buildings of Lower Kurast consist of lower-class communal huts with openings in walls (no doors, nor windows). Lower Kurast was meant for the lower-class commoners. This might also imply Kurast had a strict caste system.

A bug in these buildings is that when you're inside these buildings, a Hell Buzzard clips through the roof to swoop down and attack you. Even though the roof fades so that you can see inside, the roof is supposed to still be there. Near the buildings, piles of oddly shaped skulls can be found.

There's a waypoint located somewhere in Lower Kurast.

One feature of the location is that it is always generated with one or two campfires, which has a hut with one chest above it and another hut with two chests to its left. All three of those chests, due to their own nature and a programming quirk, have an unusually large chance of dropping rare runes up to Ber in Hell. In single player, it is not difficult to generate a map which has two of this set of structures close to the waypoint, allowing the character to open six chests within about half a minute, which is generally accepted as the fastest way to acquire these rare runes in Single Player.


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