Lord Wynton was a noble of Westmarch who used the chaos of Malthael and the Reapers' assault on the city to try to seize Westmarch's throne.


Wynton's grandmother was the daughter of Korelan, which made him a rightful heir to the throne (even though she was born from a courtesan, not a queen). He spent years conspiring against King Justinian IV, and his disagreements with the crown were known. Lord Wynton used the peasants' growing displeasure towards the royalty to weaken the king's rule.

During the Reapers' assault on Westmarch, Justinian believed that Wynton would aid in the crisis. Instead, Wynton inspired peasants to slaughter a number of nobles supporting the crown, took the whole regiment of soldiers and killed the king, with the intention of bringing the Rakkis bloodline back onto the throne of Westmarch and consolidating his rule by killing all who opposed him. Outraged by Wynton's actions and their worsening of an already horrific situation, the Nephalem slew Wynton shortly after.[1]



Lord Wynton in Clyfton Hall

Wynton is a Super Unique enemy found during "The True Son of the Wolf" event in Clyfton Hall at Westmarch Heights. His in-game physique is larger than that of any other human character in the game. Initially, upon entering the throne room, players are not engaged in combat with Lord Wynton. Speaking with him, however, starts the battle. He leads off the battle by saying that he has spent his whole life preparing for this day, and usually calls the player by their class, with the exception of the Witch Doctor, whom he calls a "primitive heathen".

Lord Wynton carries the Defender of Westmarch shield and a sword very similar to Exarian. He has the Knockback and Extra Health affixes in combat, and in addition the following abilities: 

  • Skull Cracker: a melee blow that inflicts Knockback to the target.
  • Charge: A long-range rush that deals damage and a 2 second Stun, similar to Kormac's ability of the same name.

He is assisted by rebel Westmarch Soldiers (archers and shieldguard), as well as two Vizjerei Hired Mages. The latter do not fight, but instead channel a shield that makes Lord Wynton completely immune to damage as long as at least one Mage is alive. Every 30 seconds, or every 25% of his Life, Lord Wynton can summon a new pair of mages, while soldiers arrive every few seconds. The Nephalem may not retreat from combat (as the door locks behind them when the battle starts), but being killed does not reset the event.

Unique Inquisitors use his model.



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