"Loot 2.0" is a term used to describe the loot system for Diablo III that was introduced in a pre-Reaper of Souls patch.[1]


Coupled with the removal of the Auction House, the system focuses on better loot drops, targeted loot drops, and giving players additional ways to customize their items.[2] In a sense, it is replacing quantity with quality, with legendaries becoming rarer, but more effective. It involves the implementation of the Smart Drop System.[3]

Smart Loot

The Smart Drop System is a type of 'background program' that was introduced in Reaper of Souls. It takes note of a character's class, and sometimes provides items and affixes specifically fitted for that class (e.g. specifically providing a sword for a Barbarian, as opposed to a bow).[3] Not all loot dropped is smart loot.


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