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Long Arm of the Law Long Arm of the Law
The Crusader increases the duration of his/her Law's Active effect by 5 seconds.

"The Light sustains the law, for without it, the law is naught but empty words" — Cleric Akkhan

Long Arm of the Law is a passive Crusader skill, unlocked at level 45.

Note that the increased duration (usually from 5 to 10 seconds, 3 to 8 in some cases) applies to the basic active effect, as well as rune effects. However, the following rune effects with fixed duration are unaffected by this skill:

Even with these runes, the normal active effect is prolonged as usual.


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  • "Long arm of the law" is an idiom that refers to the idea of punishment being inevitable. It is also a Paladin passive skill in World of Warcraft.