Patch 1.03Patch 1.03 (Diablo I)Patch 1.03 (Diablo II)
Patch 1.04Patch 1.04 (Diablo I)Patch 1.04 (Diablo II)
Patch 1.04b (Diablo II)Patch 1.05Patch 1.05 (Diablo I)
Patch 1.05 (Diablo II)Patch 1.05b (Diablo II)Patch 1.06 (Diablo II)
Patch 1.06b (Diablo II)Patch 1.07Patch 1.07 (Diablo I)
Patch 1.07 (Diablo II)Patch 1.08Patch 1.08 (Diablo I)
Patch 1.08 (Diablo II)Patch 1.09Patch 1.09 (Diablo I)
Patch 1.09 (Diablo II)Patch 1.09b (Diablo I)Patch 1.09b (Diablo II)
Patch 1.09c (Diablo II)Patch 1.09d (Diablo II)Patch 1.10 (Diablo II)
Patch 1.11 (Diablo II)Patch 1.11b (Diablo II)Patch 1.12 (Diablo II)
Patch 1.13c (Diablo II)Patch 1.13d (Diablo II)Patch 1.14a (Diablo II)
Patch 1.14b (Diablo II)Patch 1.14c (Diablo II)Patch 1.14d (Diablo II)
PatchesPatelPath of War
Path to the OasisPathing AIPaths of the Drowned
Patie TougasPatriarchPatriarch Anisim
PatriarchsPaulPaul David
PauldronsPauldrons (Item)Pauldrons of Akkhan
Pauldrons of the HierarchPauldrons of the Skeleton KingPauldrons of the Wastes
PavadePavisePavise (Diablo II)
Pavise (Diablo III)PazuzuPeace Rune Word
Peace WarderPearlPeasant Crown
Peasant HeartPedestal of BloodPeleil
Pellet BowPeltaPelta Lunata
Pemphrido the WarlockPendergraspsPenders Purchase
PenetratePenetrating SpellsPenetrator
Penny For Your TroublesPenny LootbottomsPeople Finder
PerformancePerilous CavePernach
Pest ProblemsPestilencePestilence Battle Boots
Pestilence DefensePestilence GlovesPestilence Incantations
Pestilence MaskPestilence Master's ShroudPestilence Robe
PestilentPetPete Stilwell
Peter LeePetrified StaffPetrified Trunk
Petrified WandPetrified Wand (Diablo II)Petrified Wand (Diablo III)
PhalanxPhantom BowPhase Blade
PhasebeastPhasingPhial of Weakness
Phil ShenkPhilios (Nephalem)Philios Games
Phoenix Rune WordPhoenix StrikePhylacteries
Phyneus the GrowlerPhysicalPierce
Pierce the VeilPiercerPiercer (Dagger)
Piercer (Fist)PiercingPiercing (magic suffix)
Pierre Tombale CouantPiersPig Sticker
PikePike (Diablo II)Pike (Diablo III)
Pile containerPillaged HomePilum
Pilum (Diablo II)Pilum (Diablo III)Pindlesdin
PindleskinPinto's PridePiotr Kowalski
PiranhasPirate SwordPiro Marella
Pit BeastPit Flyer SpawnerPit Lord
Pit ViperPit of AcheronPit of Fire
Pitspawn FouldogPiñataPlagar the Damned
PlagazonPlague Bearer (Item)Plague Bugs
Plague EaterPlague JavelinPlague Tunnels
Plague of ToadsPlagued VerminPlaguewrath
Plains of DespairPlan: Staff of HerdingPlane of the Dead
Plate LeggingsPlate MailPlate Mail (Diablo I)
Plate Mail (Diablo II)Plate Mail (Diablo III)Plated Belt
Plated GauntletsPlated HelmPlatinum
Platinum (magic prefix)Platinum LockPlayer Gift
Pledge of CaldeumPluckeyePoignard
Poignard (Diablo II)Poignard (Diablo III)Poison
Poison BoltPoison BreathPoison Cloud
Poison CreeperPoison DaggerPoison Dagger (magic suffix)
Poison DartPoison ExplosionPoison Javelin
Poison NovaPoison Nova (magic suffix)Poison Potions
Poison SkillsPoison SpinnerPoison Spit
Poison SpitterPoison SprayPoison and Bone Spells
Poisoned Water SupplyPoisoned Water Supply (quest)Poldamyr
Poldamyr's Chronicle of the War of ThornsPoldamyr's Histories of the VeradaniPole Axe
Polearm MasteryPolearmsPoleaxe
PoleynsPolished WandPoltahr's Notes
Pompeii's WrathPontiusPonzi
Pool of ReflectionPools of WisdomPorcupine
Port JustinianPortalPortrait Frame
PossessedPotion of LifePotions
PotteryPound of FleshPower Armor
Power GlobePower HungryPower Sphere
Power StrikePower Strike (Magic Suffix)Power of the Battlemaster
Power of the BerserkerPower of the JuggernautPowered
Pox FauldsPrayerPrecision
Prefix (Diablo II)Prefix (Diablo III)Preparation
Preserved DeadPreserved HeadPreserver's
Pride's FallPride Rune WordPride of Cassius
Pride of the InvokerPriest'sPriest's Contemplations
Priests of RathmaPrime EvilPrimeval Hunter
Primitive ScythePrimordial ScavengerPrimordial Soul
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