CloaksCloth PantsCloth Tunic
Cloud StalkerCloudcrackCloudy Sphere
ClubClub (Diablo I)Club (Diablo II)
Club (Diablo III)ClubsCluckeye
Cluster ArrowClyfton HallCobalt
Cobra StrikeCodexCodex (Relic)
CoifCoif of GloryCoils of the First Spider
ColdCold ArmorCold Arrow
Cold Arrow (magic suffix)Cold BloodedCold Charge
Cold EnchantedCold MasteryCold Plains
Cold SkillsCold SnapCold Spells
Cold TouchColdcrowColdkill
Coldsteel EyeColdworm the BurrowerColenzo the Annihilator
Colossal FirewingColossal GolgorColossus
Colossus AxeColossus BladeColossus Blade (Diablo II)
Colossus Blade (Diablo III)Colossus CrossbowColossus Girdle
Colossus SwordColossus Sword (Diablo II)Colossus Sword (Diablo III)
Colossus VoulgeCombat MasteriesCombat Skills
Combat Skills (Barbarian)Combat Skills (Paladin)Combination Strike
Command.txt exploitCommand GolemCommand Post
Command SkeletonsCommand Skeletons (Diablo Immortal)Command from Cultist Grand Inquisitor
Commander'sCommander of the Risen DeadCommon Debris
Compelling OrbCompendium of Exotic WeaponryComplete Nut
Composite BowComposite Bow (Diablo I)Composite Bow (Diablo II)
Composite Bow (Diablo III)Composite StaffConcentrate
ConcentrationConcentration (magic suffix)Concentrator
CondemnCondensingConfidence Ritual
Confusion (magic suffix)Conjuration TwigConjured Armor
Conjured DurationConjured HealthConjured Power
Conjurer ShadeConjuring SkillsConqueror Crown
Conquest ShieldConquest StaffConquest Sword
Conquest Sword (Diablo II)Conquest Sword (Diablo III)Conquests
ConsecratedConsecrated QuiverConsecration
Constricting RingConsumed Fire BoarConsumed Ice Boar
ContainersContested VillaControlled Fury
Convention of ElementsConversationsConversion
ConvictionCooldownCooperative Achievements
Cord of the ShermaCornelius PanderbiltCornerstone of the World
CoronaCoronetCorpse Cannon
Corpse ExplosionCorpse Explosion (Diablo III)Corpse Lance
Corpse Lance (Diablo Immortal)Corpse RaiserCorpse Spiders
Corpse SpitterCorpse WormsCorpsefire
CorpsemournCorpsewhisper PauldronsCorpulent (Diablo II)
CorrosiveCorrupt RogueCorrupt Rogue Archer
Corrupt Rogue SpearwomanCorrupted AngelCorrupted Angel Flesh
Corrupted AshbringerCorruptionCorvian Hunter
CorvusCosmic StrandCosmic Wings
Council MemberCouncil of ClansCouncil of Elders
CounselorCountess Julia's CameoCourt of Madness
Courts of JusticeCovenCoven's Criterion
Covetous ShenCowCow King's Hide
Cow King's HoofsCow King's HornsCow King's Leathers
Cozy BookstoreCrabbsCrackrust
Craftable itemsCrafted ItemsCrafting Achievements
CraftsmanshipCrag HammerCrainte Vomir
Crane TribeCranebeakCranequin
Cranequin (Crossbow)Cranequin (Hand Crossbow)Crashing Rain
Crassus the TormentorCrazed HermitCreampuff
CredendumCreeping DeathCreeping Feature
Crescent AxeCrescent MoonCrescent Moon (item)
Crescent Moon Rune WordCrimsonCrimson Angelic Wings
Crippling WaveCritical AttacksCritical Hit
Critical MassCritical StrikeCroc
CrossbowCrossbow (Diablo II)Crossbow (Diablo III)
Crossbow of CorvusCrossbowsCrosslock
Crow CawCrowbillCrowd Control
CrowhoundCrownCrown (Diablo I)
Crown (Diablo II)Crown (Diablo III)Crown Shield
Crown Shield (Diablo III)Crown of AgesCrown of Thieves
Crown of the InvokerCrown of the LightCrown of the Primus
CrucibleCrucified SkeletonCruel
Crumbling BunkerCrumbling JournalCrumbling Vault
Crusader (Diablo III)Crusader (Diablo Immortal)Crusader Bow
Crusader GauntletsCrusader KingCrusader Shield
Crusader ShieldsCrusader TomesCrusaders
Crush BeastCrushbaneCrusher
Crusher (Diablo III)Crusher (Wendigo)Crushflange
Crushing BlowCrushing BlowsCryder's Outpost
Crypt DemonCrypt of the AncientsCrypt of the Skeleton King
Cryptic AxeCryptic SwordCryptology
Crystal ArchCrystal EdgeCrystal Fist
Crystal SwordCrystalline GlobeCrystalline Passage
CuccoCuddle BearCudgel
Cudgel (Diablo II)Cudgel (Diablo III)Cudgelarm
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