Captain RumfordCaptain ShelyCaptain Tiberius
Captain TolliferCaptured NightmareCaptured Soul
CaravanCaravan DefenseCarbuncle
CardinalCaretaker'sCaretaker McCree
Carin ShardCarmineCarnage
Carnage HelmCarnevilCarrie Gordon
Carrion BatCarrion BirdCarrion Farm
Carrion NestCarrion VineCarrion Wind
Cartographer's ToolkitCartolus InsurrectionCarver
CasketCasqueCasque (Diablo III)
CassiaCast RateCastigator
Casting DelayCataclysmCatacomb
CatacombsCatacombs (Diablo I)Catapult
CathanCathan's MeshCathan's Rule
Cathan's SealCathan's SigilCathan's Traps
Cathan's VisageCatharisCathedral
Cathedral (Diablo II)Cathedral GardenCathedral Map
Cathedral of LightCauldronCauldron of Jordan
Cave LeaperCave ViperCave of Burrowing Horror
Cave of the BetrayerCave of the Moon ClanCaverns of Araneae
Caverns of FrostCaverns of LurayCaves
Caves (Diablo I)Caves (Diablo II)Cedar Bow
Cedar StaffCedricCelestial
CeliaCelikCellar of the Damned
Cells of the CondemnedCemetery of the ForsakenCentaur
CenturionCenturion SpearCerebus' Bite
Ceremonial BowCeremonial JavelinCeremonial Knives
Ceremonial PikeCeremonial SpearCesar
Cesar's MementoCestusChain Belt
Chain BootsChain Boots (Diablo III)Chain Gloves
Chain Gloves (Diablo II)Chain Gloves (Diablo III)Chain Hood
Chain LeggingsChain LightningChain Lightning (Diablo I)
Chain Lightning (Diablo II)Chain Lightning (magic suffix)Chain Lightning Sorceress
Chain MaceChain MailChain Mail (Diablo I)
Chain Mail (Diablo II)Chain Mail (Diablo III)Chain of Shadows
ChaingmailChains of Honor Rune WordChakin
Challenge ModeChallengesChallenges Achievements
Challsop VolcanoCham RuneChamber of Bone
Chamber of Queen AraneaeChamber of SufferingChamber of the Lost Idol
Champion's TunicChampion AxeChampion Sword
Champion Sword (Diablo III)Champion monstersChampion of Strategems
Champion of ThornsChanceChance Guards
Chancellor's TombChancellor EamonChang Xiao Bang
Chanon BolterChant of ResonanceChant of the Harvest
ChantodoChantodo's ForceChantodo's Resolve
Chantodo's WillChaos AcolyteChaos Armor
Chaos Rune WordChaos SanctuaryChaoshowler
ChaosingCharacter AttributesCharacter Level
Character ScreenChargeCharge-up Skill
Charge (monster skill)ChargedCharged Bolt
Charged Bolt (Diablo I)Charged Bolt (Diablo II)Charged Bolt (magic suffix)
Charged Bolt SentryCharged SentinelCharged Strike
Charged Strike (magic suffix)Charged itemCharger
Charger (Monster)Charlatan CapCharlotte
CharmCharm (Focus)Charm (effect)
Charuch the SpearChased ShieldChat Gem
Chau ThanhChaussesChengat
ChestnutChestsChests (Diablo I)
Chests (Diablo II)Chests (Diablo III)Chieftain Mask
ChigirikiChilanik's ChainChildren of Bul-Kathos
Chilled FrothChillingChilling Armor
ChopswordChris AmaralChris Haga
Chris LichtnerChris MetzenChris Millar
Chris RyderChromaticChromatic Ire
Chronicles of the NorthChronology of NovelsChu-Ko-Nu
ChuanyangChupa KhazraCie Wyrtam
Cinder SwitchCindercoatCinnabar
CinquedeaCinquedeasCircle of Life
Circle of Nailuj's EvolCircletCirclets
CirriCity of the DamnedCiverb's Cudgel
Civerb's Cudgel (Diablo I)Civerb's Cudgel (Diablo II)Civerb's Icon
Civerb's VestmentsCiverb's WardClan Skeld
Clan of the Seven StonesClaspClasped Orb
Class-specific ItemsClassesClasses Achievements
ClawClaw MasteryClaw Viper
Claw Viper TempleClawganeClaws
Claws of ThunderClay GolemClaymore
Claymore (Diablo I)Claymore (Diablo II)Claymore (Diablo III)
Cleglaw's BraceCleglaw's ClawCleglaw's Pincers
Cleglaw's ToothClericCleric (Diablo II)
Cliff LurkerCliffkillerCloak
Cloak of DeceptionCloak of Shadows
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