The Little Girl quest (sometime known as the Theo Quest) involves killing the Hork Demon at level 3 of the Festering Nest and giving back a lost teddy bear, called Theo or Theodore, to Celia. For this the player will receive a random magic amulet.

If the Command.txt exploit is not used, meaning that Celia is not in the game, the Hork Demon will not drop Theo but instead the random magic amulet.


"I lost Theo! I lost my best friend! We were playing over by the river, and Theo said he wanted to go look at the big green thing. I said we shouldn't, but we snuck over there, and the suddenly this bug came out! We ran away but Theo fell down and the bug grabbed him and took him away!"


"You found him! You found him! Thank you! Oh Theo, did those nasty bugs bugs scare you? Hey! Ugh! There's something stuck to your fur! Ick! Come on, Theo, let's go home! Thanks again, hero person!"


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  • David Brevik wanted the Little Girl quest removed from the game, as he felt it clashed with Diablo's dark tone. The quest itself was developed in the time between submitting Diablo: Hellfire for playtesting, and the game being shipped.[1]


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