The following is a list of unique rings from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, in ascending order of Required Level. Although most are available through Patch 1.09, others require Patch 1.10 or later to spawn, and others still are only available via the ladder.

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Rarity refers to the ratio of the item's appearance out of the total chances of all unique rings (which totals to 59). For instance, Wisp Projector has a rarity of 1/59, so for every 59 unique rings that are high enough level to be Wisp Projector, 1 will be Wisp Projector. Using that same logic, for every 1 Wisp Projector there will also be 15 Nagelrings.

Keep in mind graphics of unique rings are not fixed, and are randomly generated and assigned. For more information about each individual ring, click on the links under Item Name.

Unique Rings[edit | edit source]

Item Item Name Properties Magic Properties
D2-Ring1.gif Nagelring
Rarity: 15/59
Required Level: 7
Magic Damage Reduced By 3
+50-75 To Attack Rating
Attacker Takes Damage of 3
15-30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
D2-Ring2.gif Manald Heal
Required Level: 15
4-7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Replenish Life +5-8
Regenerate Mana 20%
+20 To Life
D2-Ring3.gif Stone of Jordan
Required Level: 29
+1 To All Skills
+25% Mana
+1-12 Lightning Damage
+20 Mana
D2-Ring4.gif Dwarf Star
Required Level: 45
Fire Absorb 15%
Heal Stamina Plus 15%
+40 Maximum Stamina
+40 to Life
100% Extra Gold From Monsters
Magic Damage Reduced By 12-15
D2-Ring5.gif Raven Frost
Required Level: 43
+150-250 to Attack Rating
Adds 15-45 Cold Damage
+15-20 to Dexterity
+40 to Mana
Cold Absorb 20%
Cannot Be Frozen
D2-Ring1.gif Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
Required Level: 58
+1 To All Skills
+ (0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Life (Based On Character Level)
3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit
+50 Maximum Stamina
D2-Ring2.gif Carrion Wind
Required Level: 60
10% Chance To Cast Level 10 Poison Nova When Struck
8% Chance To Cast Level 13 Twister On Striking
6-9% Life Stolen Per Hit
+100-160 Defense vs. Missiles
Poison Resist +55%
10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
Level 21 Poison Creeper (15 Charges)
D2-Ring3.gif Nature's Peace
Required Level: 69
Slain Monsters Rest In Peace
Prevent Monster Heal
Poison Resist +20-30%
Damage Reduced by 7-11
Level 5 Oak Sage
D2-Ring4.gif Wisp Projector
Required Level: 76
10% Chance To Cast Level 16 Lightning On Striking
Lightning Absorb 10-20%
10-20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 7 Spirit of Barbs (11 charges)
Level 5 Heart of Wolverine (13 charges)
Level 2 Oak Sage (15 charges)
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