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The following is a list of unique Barbarian Helms from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, helms exclusive only to the Barbarian. The only barbarian helm available with Patch 1.09 was Arreat's Face. With Patch 1.10 and the ladder, several new unique barbarian helms were added. To view individual information, strategies, and trivia for each helm, click on the links under Item Name.

Exceptional Barbarian Helms

Item Item Name Propreties Magic Properties
Avengerguard.gif Arreat's Face
Slayer Guard
Defense: 302-363
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 118
Durability: 55
(Barbarian Only)
+150-200% Enhanced Defense
30% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Bonus To Attack Rating
+2 To Barbarian Skill Levels
3-6% Life Stolen Per Hit
All Resistances +30
+20 To Strength
+20 To Dexterity
+2 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)

Elite Barbarian Helms

Item Item Name Propreties Magic Properties
Fangedhelm.gif Wolfhowl
Fury Visor
Defense: 332-377
Required Level: 79
Required Strength: 129
Durability: 35
(Barbarian Only)
+120-150% Enhanced Defense
+2-3 To Warcries (Barbarian Only)
+3-6 To Feral Rage
+3-6 To Lycanthropy
+3-6 To Werewolf
+8-15 To Strength
+8-15 To Dexterity
+8-15 To Vitality
Level 15 Summon Dire Wolf (18 Charges)
Hornedhelm.gif Demonhorn's Edge
Destroyer Helm
Defense: 345-408
Required Level: 61
Required Strength: 151
Durability: 45
(Barbarian Only)
+120-160% Enhanced Defense
10% Increased Attack Speed
3-6% Life Stolen Per Hit
Attacker Takes Damage of 55-77
+1-3 To Warcries (Barbarian Only)
+1-3 To Combat Masteries (Barbarian Only)
+1-3 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
Assualthelm.gif Halaberd's Reign
Conqueror Crown
Defense: 384-432
Required Level: 77
Required Strength: 174
Durability: 50
(Barbarian Only)
Replenish Life +15-23
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+2 To Barbarian Skill Levels
+1 To Combat Masteries (Barbarian Only)
+1-2 To Battle Command (Barbarian Only)
+1-2 To Battle Orders (Barbarian Only)
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