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"By three they come. By three, thy way opens. By the blood of the willing, we call thee home. Hail, Daughter of Hatred. Creator of Sanctuary. Hail...Lilith."

- Heralding Lilith's return(src)

Lilith was the daughter of Mephisto and the sister of Lucion. She was known to all of Sanctuary as the Queen of the Succubi. Once the lover of the archangel Inarius, her union with him led to the creation of the first nephalem.


"Hail Lilith. Blessed Mother."

The Eternal Conflict[]

"My father is content to fight the same battles and the same foes while everything turns to ashes. Though his victories might last a day, or a year, or a hundred years, the war will never be won so long as he and his brothers lead. There is an end to it, but fools like my father are too blind to see it."

- Lilith(src)

Lilith was the daughter of Mephisto, and was not spared his hatred. From time immemorial, Lilith sought to rebel against him.[7]


Lilith and Inarius form an alliance

As the Eternal Conflict dragged on, Lilith tired of her father's approach to the conflict, and took an equally dim view on the leadership of Diablo and Baal,[8] along with her brother, Lucion.[9] In one such battle, Lilith took an angel as a prisoner and brought him to her lair for amusement.[8] She was ready to torture him,[10] but to her surprise, her touch breathed new life into the angel. The angel, named Inarius, awoke and rambled incoherently about his desire to escape the Eternal Conflict.[8] Lilith realized that she and Inarius were of similar mind concerning the never-ending war,[10] and she began to see Inarius as an individual she could manipulate towards her ends,[8] and she gave Inarius her name.[11] She could tell that Inarius was besotted with her, and told him that they had to steal the Worldstone, to use it to create a new world. Only then could they be together.[8] This was the first time in the Eternal Conflict that an angel or demon had ever set aside their differences, let alone form a union.[7]

The Creation of Sanctuary[]

"The angel I captured, Inarius, is in love with me. I can feel the intensity of his desire. I told him that we must liberate the Worldstone, and then we can be together. We will create something never imagined by those mired in the Eternal Conflict. A new world."

- Lilith(src)


Inarius and Lilith create Sanctuary

The pair rallied like-minded followers and stole the Worldstone from the Pandemonium Fortress. A new world, Sanctuary, was created, a place where they and their kind could find respite from the Eternal Conflict.[8] One of their first acts was to imbue Ancients' Cradle with the Fire of Life.[12]

Lilith and Inarius ruled their realm with a council of angels and demons, residing inside the structure that would become known as the Temple of the Firstborn.[5] Inarius was satisfied, believing that escape from the war was sufficient. Lilith intended to show him that, in time, victory was possible. But first, she would give him children...[8]

Rise of the Nephalem[]

"Inarius and I stole the Worldstone, and now we have a group of renegades to follow us. I have created a new world where we can live in peace. A place of infinite possibilities. Inarius believes that escape is enough. In time, I will show him that even victory is possible. But first, I will give him children."

- Lilith(src)

D4 Story 01 Legends of Creation

Inarius and Lilith give birth to the nephalem

Lilith and Inarius gave birth to a son they would name Linarian at the Altar of Rites. Each placed their hand on the altar and spoke a vow, their blood and light mixing to form a clay figure. Lilith eagerly reached out for her progeny, but recoiled as her son's hand brushed against her tentacled barbs. Her blood mingled with the clay, and an umbilical nurtured the amalgam, severing as her lifestream passed from herself to the amalgam. Inarius, initially horrified at the creature they had created, was unable to back out of the ritual, and played his part in moulding the clay alongside Lilith, basing it around their own image. Thus, Linarian was born.[13]

The union of angel and demon was without precedent, as was the birth of their offspring. Linarian was the first of these new beings called "nephalem", but was not the last, as the pair's fellow angels and demons also produced offspring of their own.[14] The nephalem in turn produced their own offspring.[15] Altars dedicated to Lilith were erected by the Ancients.[16]

During this period, a group of nephalem called the Lilin emerged as Lilith's favored children.[17] Later generations of Lilin claimed direct descent from her.[18]

The Gospel of Death[]

"I made this blade for a purpose. When you are in pursuit of its purpose, the sword will grant you the strength you need to wield it."
"What is its purpose?"
"Bersarik traveled with others who may share his lust for vengeance. You will seek them out, and when you find them, you will use this sword to punish them, for in turning against us, they have dishonored their legacy as the Firstborn."

- Lilith gives Kalmor his mission(src)


Lilith and the council behold Kalmor

Lilith and the council were present in the Temple of the Firstborn when Kalmor arrived, having been summoned to account for the death of Bersarik. Bersarik, aggrieved at the death of Gratian, had come to meet his makers, intending violence, and Kalmor had been forced to slay him. The council did not hold Kalmor responsible for Bersarik's death, and explained that while the nephalem would not succumb to age, or be touched by plague, they were still able to be slain. Presenting them the sword Severian, the council ordered it destroyed, and filed out...all but Lilith, who remained. She ordered Kalmor to follow her, and led him into the bowels of the fortress-temple. There, she lit a furnace, and broke the magic of the bone-sword, twisting and imprisoning the essence of the blade with a new weapon of her own crafting. The blade seemed far too heavy and broad for Kalmor to wield, but Lilith explained that as long as he used it for the purpose for which it was intended, he would have the strength to wield it.

Lilith ordered Kalmor to seek out and punish Corvik and Helgrotha, believing (correctly) that they had turned against their makers. Kalmor agreed, and departed the temple-fortress.[5]

The Purge[]

"I was there, Hiram, when she called herself the Mother of Sanctuary, but she is the Daughter of Hatred. She killed all who stood in her way! My own mother and father among them!"

The renegade angels and demons began to see that the nephalem were more powerful than their progenitors, raising concerns that the nephalem might pose a threat to their parents, or might draw the attention of Heaven and Hell to Sanctuary, neither of which would condone such progeny. Because of this, conflict arose among the renegades, some arguing for the destruction of the nephalem, others advocating that they should be spared. Inarius called for a period of reflection, which his followers obeyed.[14]


Lilith slaughters angels and demons

According to an ancient text, Lilith was driven into a mad frenzy at the prospect of her children's extinction.[14] She saw the nephalem as the future, and as the means of ending the Eternal Conflict once and for all[9] (albeit with the proviso of them serving as her own soldiers).[6] She morphed into a new, horrific form, and hunted down her fellow renegades,[14] slaughtering angels and demons alike.[19] She ruthlessly murdered every follower of Inarius, leaving him to discover the carnage she had wrought.[14]

Inarius vs Lilith

Inarius and Lilith clash, supported by the Inari and Lilin

Horrified, Inarius clashed with Lilith for this action. In their conflict, they were supported by their favored children — the future Inari and Lilin.[20] Lilith was defeated, but Inarius could not bring himself to kill her, so he banished her from Sanctuary[14] into the Void.[6] He then attuned the Worldstone to cause the powers of the nephalem to diminish over time. Through each subsequent nephalem generation, their powers diminished, effectively giving birth to a weaker, mortal race known as humanity.[14]

Legends and Legacy[]

"Lilith's zealots will not give up. Now when the words she has left behind can lure so many more to fight and die for her. And others besides her. The Worldstone is too powerful for too many to resist."

Hiram comes to worship Lilith

The nephalem Barbarians (long before devolving into humans) despised Lilith, to the extent that even mentioning her name was considered taboo in some circles. In contrast, Edario worshipped her. A priest of the city, Hurit, preached that Lilith would return to Sanctuary when she was needed most, and lead the nephalem in a final battle against Heaven and Hell to save her progeny from their tyranny. To this end, an army of Edario marched on Mount Arreat to claim the Worldstone, intent on bringing it under Lilith's control. It is unclear how much, if any influence Lilith had over Edario, but Hiram (a Barbarian that had come to worship Lilith) claimed that Lilith had "made it clear to him" that a larger war was coming, and that every drop of nephalem blood spilt was a waste. The attack was a failure, but Bul-Kathos knew it wouldn't be the last. While Lilith was gone from the world, the words she'd left behind would mean there were no shortage of nephalem willing to fight and die for her. This, the Barbarians began their vigil of the Worldstone.[19]

As time passed, the nephalem devolved into humans. However, Lilith was not entirely forgotten by her progeny, and she was regarded as "the First Mother" (of humanity) in legends.[3] At some point, Rathma was imparted with a prophecy that foretold Lilith's return to Sanctuary, along with Inarius.[21]

The Sin War[]

Lilith was able to return to Sanctuary three human lifetimes before revealing herself. She manifested in/around Hashir, as this was one of the focal points of Sanctuary's reality.[6] However, she was not the only power operating within Sanctuary, as the Sin War began, as as the Cathedral of Light (led by Inarius) and the Temple of the Triune (led by the Prime Evils) secretly waged a war for control of humanity.[14] She altered the power of the Worldstone with a spell, allowing the nephalem to develop their powers once more.[6]


Leaving Seram[]

3000 years before the Darkening of Tristram, Lilith made her move. She came to the village of Seram in the guise of a noblewoman named "Lylia," where she allowed herself to be seen by Uldyssian ul-Diomed, as she petted his horse.[9] While she could have used her abilities to control Uldyssian as her puppet, she planned to make him a willing servant, and as such, a more effective one.[6] After a brief encounter, she seemingly vanished. Not long afterwards, she let herself be found by Uldyssian again in a nearby forest. She claimed to have seen something in the gloom, prompting Uldyssian to investigate. He found the body of Caligio, a Triune acolyte, not knowing that Lilith had been behind his murder. Following him, "Lylia" beheld the sight, and fainted, allowing Uldyssian to catch her. He took her to the Boar's Head, where she regained consciousness. She asked about what had happened and imparted words that her disdain for Sanctuary's two main religious bodies was close to Uldyssian's own.

Uldyssian was arrested for the murder of a second missionary (this one of the Cathedral of Light), as his knife had been found embedded in the man's rib-cage (again of Lilith's doing). Lylia visited him in the town guardhouse, telling him that she believed his claims of innocence. She also told him about how her family had been blamed for the burning of a temple, that it had remained out of the affairs of both the Cathedral and Triune, while other nobles had picked sides. Her family lost everything, including their freedom (if not their lives), while she had fled with what money she could. She told him that representatives of both sects would be arriving and that when they did, he would have to speak up defiantly in order to get the people on his side. She kissed him, then departed.

The next day, Lylia turned up to Uldyssian's trial, her presence disturbing the Cathedral representative. Before he could react, lightning began to strike the area, causing widespread damage. Lylia led Uldyssian away from the town, though pretended to fall, twisting her ankle. However, then it healed at Uldyssian's touch, as if by magic. Likewise, the storm had stopped, and Lylia attributed both events to Uldyssian himself. She urged him to believe her, telling him to wish the clouds away, that if he did not, she would relent in her beliefs. The clouds did indeed clear. Furthermore, as Uldyssian charged back into Seram to rescue his brother Mendeln, Lylia watched as his powers were unleashed upon the Cathedral's inquisitors, killing them. However, the display of such wanton power turned the people of Seram against Uldyssian himself. He and Lylia fled, accompanied by Mendeln, Achilios, and Serenthia.[9]

The Road to Partha[]
"Lilith is her true name, an evil older than the world! She is the mother of deceit, the mistress of betrayal! You are indeed strong for having survived against her, my son."

Outside Seram, Lylia gave Uldyssian one last 'test' of his powers, causing a bush to grow. She urged him to travel to Kehjan, to rally the common folk against the Cathedral and Triune. How many, she asked, had suffered like him in similar circumstances. Uldyssian warmed to the idea, just as he 'warmed' to her as she declared that they would be together always. Thus, was their relationship consummated. It would not be the first time that they made love, and each time, Lylia was able to gain insight into Uldyssian's personality.

The humans back at the camp were attacked by a demon of Lucion, which they were able to fend off. Lylia suggested that it was the creature that was responsible for the missionaries' deaths. The demon mentioned his master by name, and Uldyssian suggested that this "Lucion" must be a member of the Mage Clans. Lylia quickly backed up this theory, and they headed for Kehjan, in order to "change the world." As they rode, Mendeln remained the voice of caution, but Lylia countered these concerns at every opportunity, playing on Uldyssian's sympathies in regards to her supposed personal history. She also took the opportunity to mentally torment Serenthia, whom she could tell was infatuated with Uldyssian. Not long afterwards, they were attacked by Triune forces led by Malic, including demons. Uldyssian was able to fend them off, but one of the demons called out to Lucion, suggesting that this being was linked to the Triune, not the Mage Clans.

Not long afterwards, they arrived near Partha. It was a destination that Lylia tried to steer Uldyssian away from, but Uldyssian nonetheless entered the town. Uldyssian began healing the townsfolk, and their stay lasted days at Ethon's household. Uldyssian's healing led to the awakening of the people's nephalem powers. Lylia noted that her plan had gone awry, in that she'd expected to be in Kehjan by now. However, she reasoned that Partha would be an adequate fulcrum for her plans regardless. One night, as they made love, Lylia nearly slipped into her true form. She managed to contain herself, and heal the scar she caused on Uldyssian's back without him even knowing it. However, it resulted with him receiving a nightmare in which he saw her in her true form. This caused her great concern, given that she didn't know the dream's origin. Still, she reasoned that if it came to it, she could simply kill Uldyssian and pick another. After all, there was no shortage of men in this world...

One night, at the estate, the group came under attack by Morlu, led by Malic. Both Ethon and Cedric were killed, as was Malic himself. Uldyssian found her by Malic's eviscerated corpse. She claimed that, partly due to her powers that Uldyssian had awoken, she threw herself at Malic and thrusted his own arm into his chest, killing him. Once again, she was able to avoid suspicion.[9]

Lilith Revealed[]
"Poor little Uldyssian! My sweet darling! So naive, so believing! You were ever too trusting when it came to what I said..."

- Lilith starts mocking Uldyssian(src)

Haunted by the Morlu attack, Uldyssian left Partha, intent on heading to Kehjan himself. Lylia followed him and pleaded to remain at her side. They kissed, but Uldyssian stood back, as something...changed. At first, "Lylia" was unaware of his change in focus, and was confused, but Uldyssian was now seeing her in her true, demonic form. She played to his sympathies, claiming that Lucion (a word that escaped her lips) had changed her, that only Uldyssian's love could restore her. Lilith, still playing the part of "Lylia," recounted their history together, but this only convinced Uldyssian that this demon and Lylia were one and the same.

Eventually, Lilith dropped the charade, openly mocking her former lover. She claimed that every manifestation of Uldyssian's powers had been by her own doing. She admitted to killing the two missionaries at Seram, and ranted on, gloating at Uldyssian's ignorance as to the true history of Sanctuary. The nephalem will rise again, this time assuming their rightful place! She will assume her rightful place, no matter how (hard) the High Heavens and the Burning Hells cry out against it. The two came to blows, and Uldyssian found himself outmatched by Lilith as she tormented him, both verbally and physically, using her powers. He was without any of his own powers that he'd demonstrated previously, and shortly thereafter, Lilith disappeared. Uldyssian saw what she'd done—without his powers, he would be seen as a fraud, perhaps worse. As her parting words reminded him, it would be a truth that he might not survive.

Uldyssian and his friends headed for Toraja, only to be followed by several Parthans. It was in the Torajan Jungles that Lucion appeared, seeking to test Uldyssian, and gauge whatever powers he might have. And he did possess them. Enough to defeat Lucion himself. So while Uldyssian, emboldened by both power and vision, formed the Edyrem to dismantle both the Triune and Cathedral, "Lucion" returned to the base of the former, taking the seat of the Primus. "Lucion," or more specifically, Lilith, disguised as her brother. Sitting on the throne, she awaited Uldyssian's arrival.[9]

Scales of the Serpent[]

Lilith maintained her appearance as Lucion. Astrogha and Arihan noticed the shift in "Lucion's" demenor, especially how the Primus seemed unfazed by the destruction of Triune outposts, but did not suspect anything close to the truth.[6]

"Fear makes us blind as does love, my love..."
"There's no love between us, Lilith. Only lies and hate."

- Lilith and Uldyssian(src)

Lilith was confronted by Uldyssian when he burnt down the Triune temple in Toraja. While she had taken on the form of Lucion, her true form shone beneath the human she presented herself as. She attempted to seduce Uldyssian, and nearly succeeded. Regardless, she revealed to Uldyssian that destroying the Triune was what she wanted, just as she wanted him to destroy the Cathedral of Light. In this, she claimed, he had no choice. Either he unlocked his nephalem powers and those of the Edyrem, wiping out the Triune and Cathedral, or he didn't, in which case, she'd use the vast forces of the Triune to crush the Edyrem. Uldyssian declared that he wouldn't do her bidding, but as she sneered, if that was the case, why had he yet to attack? She disappeared, her taunts echoing around her former lover.[6]


At some point after Toraja, Lilith possessed Serenthia. Serenthia and Uldyssian became involved romantically over the period following Toraja, and Uldyssian noted that he had never felt as close to someone since "Lylia." Lilith had definitely taken control of Serenthia by the time the Edyrem reached Hashir, by which point she had also weakened Uldyssian. Hashir was also an intended destination for her. Serenthia was abducted by morlu, acting on the orders of Astrogha (who had taken her position as Primus), but immediately returned, and directed her powers against them. At that point, Uldyssian himself was abducted by Rathma. This hadn't been Lilith's plan, as she'd hoped to use Uldyssian as her puppet; to control the Edyrem through him. However, this still furthered Lilith's own goals, as with Uldyssian gone, she now had de facto command over the Edyrem.[6]

Lilith unleashed her army against Hashir's Triune temple, making a grusome display of the priests. She claimed that the priests themselves had abducted Uldyssian, and as such, the brutal treatment was warranted. The carnage went even further, as the priests claimed that they had no knowledge of what had happened to Uldyssian. Lilith thus directed the Edyrem to scour the city for supporters of the Triune. After three days, Hashir was little more than a scar. On the fourth day, Lilith entered the town square, declaring that she had brought peace to the town. Its inhabitants might have disagreed, but as they had been herded out of their homes by the Edyrem, they held their tongues.[6]

Lilith took up residence in the temple, namely the quarters that had been used by the high priest. Still possessing Serenthia, she seduced Romus (a member of the Edyrem), claiming that she needed his protection. Her influence continued to spread over the Edyrem, and they devolved into a cult that worshipped her. The temple in Hashir was converted to worship her. She declared that Uldyssian was dead, and using him as a martyr, announced her intentions to destroy both the Triune and Cathedral of Light.[6]

The Sacrifice[]
"When I cast the spell using poor Romus's blood, you shan't be immune, either! You'll finally see matters as I desire, then..."
"Why didn't you do this in the beginning?"
Because a dupe who thinks he is doing good is the best cover for my plan! But we've gone far past that point and you've gathered so many followers! When the opportunity arose, how could I resist? Now, you'll gather new converts to me knowing exactly what is required of them—allegiance to me!"

- Lilith and Uldyssian(src)

Uldyssian returned to the mortal realm, and informed Romus that Lilith was possessing Serenthia. Romus played along, but reported to Lilith. Uldyssian was able to incapacitate Lilith briefly, but Romus knocked him out—all part of Lilith's plan.[6]

Uldyssian came to, bound to an altar, with Lilith and Romus looking down on him. She killed Romus, intending to use his blood for a ritual. Lilith and Uldyssian verbally sparred, and Lilith suspected that another's hand was at play, given Uldyssian's sudden return. She suspected that he had been in contact with Inarius. Uldyssian claimed that was the truth, that Inarius wanted to kill her. However, in doing so, this made Lilith realize that Uldyssian hadn't been in contact with Inarius, as she believed (correctly) that even now, Inarius would never be able to bring himself to kill her.[6]

She announced her plan to use Romus's blood to cast a spell over Uldyssian, to make her his dupe. When they'd first met, she'd made him her willing servant, but now, she didn't need Uldyssian himself to be as effective, because now, she had an army at her back, one that didn't see Uldyssian as their leader anymore. Uldyssian would gather converts, and have them pledge allegiance to her. She revealed that coming to Hashir had been her plan, given that it was located on one of Sanctuary's focal points.[6]

Lilith began the ritual in the presence of her Edyrem servants, but they were attacked by Achilios. In turn, he was able to exorcise Lilith from Serenthia's body. Lilith cursed them, but promptly disappeared.[6]

The Cult of the One[]
"No. No longer the Cult of the Three. There is only One. There is only Me."

- Lilith's thoughts(src)

Lilith returned to the Grand Temple of the Triune, and again took on the appearance of the Primus (much to the confusion of the staff, as there were now two individuals impersonating Lucion). Plans within plans forming, she concluded that her position was still stable. The Prime Evils sought Sanctuary as their own, and were terrified that Heaven would discover its existence. In the scheme of things, they would abide her taking control of the world under the rationale that they could retake it from her later. What they wouldn't be able to count on was an army of nephalem at her back.

Returning to the quarters of the Primus, she summonsed Astrogha. Astrogha appeared, but had since realized that Lilith was not Lucion, but Lucion's sister. He attacked her, but anticipating that the demon might have discovered her ruse, Lilith was prepared, and fought back, forcing Astrogha to retreat. Now as the sole Primus, she took comfort in knowing that the Triune was now hers.

The Edyrem, now under Uldyssian's command and removed from the cult Lilith had turned them into, marched on the Grand Temple of the Triune. Having given up on her desire to control them, Lilith laid a trap for the army, with morlu approaching from its front, and Peace Warders approaching from its rear. She would wipe it out, and as such, be unchallenged by any force in Sanctuary bar the Cathedral of Light.

The Peace Warders attacked first, but Lilith kept the morlu at bay, much to Uldyssian's surprise. However, she unleashed the Thonos (a massive demon) from below, mocking Uldyssian telepathically as it happened. She gave Uldyssian the chance to surrender, but Uldyssian refused. Victory seemed assured for Lilith, but then the fallen began rising, as Mendeln's necromancy raised the dead on the side of the Edyrem. What had once seemed like victory became a rout for the Triune as the Edyrem and undead cut through their lines.

Uldyssian entered the temple, intent on finding her. Lilith conjured duplicates of herself, but Uldyssian saw through them, and finally found her, having taken on the form of a priestess. He caused the structure to collapse on her, seemingly killing the demon. However, Lilith survived; at the last moment, she left the priestss's body. The deception even managed to fool Rathma, who had arrived with every intention of confirming her death. But as soon as he departed, Inarius revealed himself as the one who concealed her presence from their son to prevent their own spawn from killing his mother. Before Lilith could react, Inarius compressed her within a sphere. Even as she promised that Uldyssian would be his undoing, Inarius once again banished Lilith, this time assuring that the flaws that had allowed Lilith to return were removed.[6]

The Veiled Prophet[]

"Mendeln! Dear, sweet Mendeln...my savior..."

- Lilith(src)

Mendeln encountered Lilith while searching for Rathma, who had also been banished to the Void by Inarius. Lilith rapidly changed her form to Lylia, Serenthia and other women he had known and admired in an attempt to entice him to rescue her. Mendeln was briefly tempted, only to recoil in disgust for his weakness and left her cursing his name.[22]



A statue of Lilith

Lilith would spend over 3000 years trapped in the Void, but her influence in Sanctuary remained. Devotees continued to worship her, and would go to any length to worship their matriarch, even tainting trinkets in her honor.[23] It was prophesized that Lilith would one day return to Sanctuary.[24]

Pandemonium Event[]

Considering that the Pandemonium Event is a Battle.net only quest and is not available in the Single player or even open Battle.net games, it cannot be said that this is part of official lore. See the Pandemonium Event article for more information.

After her legions of Succubi and Andariel were killed by mortals who successfully defended the Worldstone, Lilith swore to personally intervene. She masterminded the revival of Diablo by manifesting herself in the mortal realm and performing a ritual of Dark Summoning. This ritual, long thought to be impossible by the most powerful mortal wizards, allowed Lilith to link with Diablo across realms, strengthening him until he was finally able to once again reincarnate himself in the mortal plane. Rage and a deep yearning for revenge boiled within the eyes of the Lord of Terror, and together he and Lilith resurrected the two remaining Prime Evils as well as Duriel and Izual, two of their strongest agents.

Diablo announced his grand plan - the Three were finally strong enough to spread Pandemonium throughout Sanctuary. Lilith could have easily conducted an assault on her own, but because she had been left severely weakened by the Dark Summoning ritual, she agreed to aid the Prime Evils and command some of their remaining forces.[25]

Children of Lilith[]

Lilith vs

A disciple/simulacrum of Lilith kills a Demon Hunter

In/around 1272, there was a resurgence in worship of Lilith in Sanctuary. Because of the prayers of the Lilin, Lilith's favor was able to manifest in the mortal realm.[23] Her favor rained down on her faithful,[26] and she called out to her followers.[27]

During the Great Enmity, the gospel of the Cathedral of Light stated that Lilith would one day return to Sanctuary, and that it would be the sin of mankind who would bring her into the mortal realm.[28]

Lilith's Return[]

By Three They Come[]

"Blessed mother...save us."

- Lilith is welcomed back to Sanctuary by Elias.(src)

Diablo IV trailer Lilith 02

Lilith's return

Thousands of years after her banishment from Sanctuary, Lilith was summoned back to it by a macabre ritual in an underground chamber. Three adventurers and a scholar, the former looking for gold and the latter for knowledge, were pursued by zombies into the apparent safety of the chamber, but one of the adventurers turned out to be much more than he seemed[2] (in truth, a member of the Triune named Elias).[29] The other two adventurers and the scholar were sacrificed on a triangle of pillars, their blood forming a construct between them through which Lilith took form and passed.[2]

Mother's Protection[]

Lilith's return spawned a new wave of cultists and worshipers in Sanctuary.[30] Her mere presence in the mortal realm awakened darkness in the hearts of many humans;[31] old wounds were reopened and past hatreds rekindled.[32] Her agents operated in Kehjistan, filling the people there with paranoia, not knowing who they could trust.[31] People began to worship her as a goddess, and carried out blood sacrifices to appease her.[33] Lilith began a brutal campaign to take Sanctuary as her own[34] and bring humanity under her control.[35] She ordered the Devourer of Souls to obtain demon blood for her,[36] and the Mother's Whisper cult served as her emissaries, spreading her design across Sanctuary.[37] Other cults dedicated to Lilith, though not necessarily acting under her direct orders, included Mother's Embrace (nature-worshipping hierophants),[38] Mother's Kiss (a necromatic cult dedicated to protecting Sanctuary),[39] Mother's Mercy (magic-wielding fanatics),[40] and Mother's Warmth (violent warriors who attacked their fellow humans in order to claim their nephalem birthright).[41] Hell's Champion armor was utilized by her mightiest Warriors.[42] Molded by the forces of Hell, they set out to purge the Light from Sanctuary.[43]

A Cold and Iron Faith[]

"I don't know if you would have chosen to stand beside me in this new world, Rathma, but I would have saved your place just the same. And now, all that you might have been has been stolen from me. Stolen. This key unlocks more than the doors of Hell, it unlocks our path to the future. A future made possible because of the price you paid. Your sacrifice will not have been in vain."

- Lilith, after finding Rathma's body.(src)


Lilith appears in the church in Nevesk

In 1336, Lilith appeared in the church of Nevesk during a sermon by a priest of the Cathedral of Light. She claimed that the lords of Hell were coming to devour their world, and that salvation lay not in the Light, but in themselves. She bid her children "break the chains and be beautiful in sin," and the congregation obeyed, murdering the priest that had preached the Cathedral's creed. Lilith exited the church and told Elias to head to the Dry Steppes to continue preparations.[28]

At some point while in the Fractured Peaks, likely after her appearance in Nevesk,[44] Lilith passed through Velkhova. Like in Nevesk, the people there were driven mad by her presence, and turned against the local Cathedral priests.[45]

Lilith was sighted at Gale Valley[46] and at Pine Hill, she gained entry to the mines there amid a Cathedral retinue. Upon entering the underground city of Kasama, she revealed herself as a demon to the Cathedral's forces standing guard. The result was a bloodbath as Lilith slaughtered the defenders. One of the retinue, Vhenard, begged for her life. Lilith spared her, and led her deeper into the city.[47] She showed Vhenard Kasama's record of the Eternal Conflict, and explained how angels and demons had fought for control of Creation since the beginning of time. When Vhenard asked to what end, Lilith simply laughed.[48]


Lilith sways Vhenard to her side (as seen by the Wanderer in a vision)

Not long afterwards, Lilith talked to Vhenard directly offering her knowledge. She pointed out that Vhenard had dragged her daughter all over Sanctuary in search of knowledge, despite Vhenard's protestations that it had been to teach her daughter to survive. Despite her misgivings, Vhenard fell to Lilith's temptations.[47] As they moved through the city, Lilith told Vhenard of her seduction of Inarius, the creation of Sanctuary, and the origin of the nephalem.[49][50][51] She was particularly prideful when she told Vhenard of the birth of Rathma, and told Vhenard his lair lay further within the city.[52]

Moving on, Lilith asked Vhenard if she had faith in her, to which Vhenard responded that she hoped she did. Lilith told her that all she needed to know for now was that they were going to meet Rathma, as he was the key to her plans.[53]

Lilith later told Vhenard that she had mastered her fear, but could sense that she missed her daughter. Lilith told her to go or stay, that it was time to choose. Vhenard chose to stay with Lilith, who told her that to reach Rathma, they would have to cross a lake at the bottom of the ruins. It would require a ritual that she would teach to her.[53] They shed the blood of a priest who had been part of the escort. The "divine element" within the man's blood gave Lilith the means to cross the lake. By this point (or perhaps as part of the ritual) Lilith had gifted Vhenard with magical abilities, but she crossed the lake by herself. Vhenard was left on the lake shore, insane.[54]


Lilith gains the key to Hell

Lilith entered the Necropolis of the Firstborn and found Rathma, slain by Inarius. She told him that while she wasn't certain if he would have sided with her, she would nevertheless keep a special place for him in the world she was looking to build. She took the key to Hell from her son's staff, and vowed that his sacrifice wouldn't be in vain.[55]

The Knife Twists Again[]

"I have an offer. You will grant me safe passage, to a place I am no longer welcome."
"In exchange, I will give you freedom, and more.. "

- Lilith makes a deal with the sealed Astaroth(src)

With a key to Hell in her possession, Lilith had to find a way to safely cross the hellfire barrier around the Cathedral of Hatred. For that, she needed Astaroth, Mephisto's lieutenant, and the keeper of the barrier. Unfortunately, Astaroth was said to have been "killed" during the Days of Ash by a group of three. Knowing that a demon cannot permanently be killed, she searched for his so called killers.

Mother vs Donan

Lilith confronts Donan

Lilith first went for Donan, whose place of residence was the least hidden. She confronted him in his office within his manor, after enthralling him to grant her entrance. Cowed by her presence, Donan broke free from her control. She asked about Astaroth's fate, but Donan refused to answer. Not even tempting him with the offer to return his youth was enough for him to answer. In her annoyance, she cut him on his lip. Looking around the office, she saw a portrait of the heroes of the Days of Ash. Satisfied with the clue, she left after being rebuked once more. In a bid of petty revenge, she enraged the local Khazra to attack Eldhaime Keep.[56]

The Making of Monsters[]

A Gathering Storm[]

Dance of the Makers[]

"It all ends with you."
"No. We made a choice, and that... they can never forgive, no matter what you tell yourself, or who you sacrifice."

- Inarius and Lilith, after he stabs her with the shaft of his spear(src)


Lilith beholds Inarius

At some point after her release, Lilith came to power within Hell. When Hell was invaded by a mortal force under the command of Inarius, Lilith led an army of demons against them. During the battle, Inarius caught sight of Lilith and flew across the battlefield, landing amidst the demons. As Lilith looked on, Inarius hurled his spear at her,[57] which was blocked by an Oppressor.

Lilith retreats into a decayed hellish cathedral, as Inarius fights hordes of demons to chase after her. Inside the cathedral, she taunts Inarius from the shadows, asking him if there was any purpose for his actions. The angel discovers her and attacked, but she broke his spear with her wing. Inarius used the shaft of his spear to stab her, which she allowed. She then asked him why the Heavens still had not answered him, even after killing his own son and injuring her. Inarius tried to deny it, but the truth was glaring. In his grief he cried to the sky, asking if he had not done enough. Lilith stabbed Inarius in his back through the heart, with his own spear. In his pain and terror he cried to the heavens once again for salvation, but is left unanswered. Lilith replied that his place was in Hell, before violently ripping out his wings. After an explosion of Light, all that is left of Inarius are the half-molten remnants of his armor.[58]

Lilith eventually reached Cathedral of Hatred, where the essence of her father was residing. However, The Wanderer and Neyrelle managed to get there before her, and the latter sealed Mephisto in a soulstone and fled from Hell. A wrathful Lilith fought the Wanderer, even taking her true form as the Daughter of Hatred. However, she was defeated and fatally wounded. Dying, Lilith expressed her grief towards the history going full circle yet again. In her last words, she warned the Wanderer that (without her) the price of victory would be too high for them to pay; that they threw out their only chance to survive, before turning into stone and crumbling into dust.


"Sanctuary was meant as an escape from the Eternal Conflict... and yet here we are... again. I gave you free will... and you've squandered it... wasting it on a crusade you don't understand. You chose tyranny... when offered freedom. A poor legacy for my gift. Without me... you would have no... victory... and its cost will be more... than you can pay."

- Lilith's epitaph(src)

Lilith's warning about what was to come was arguably prophetic. Not long after her defeat, demons from the darkest depths of Hell made their way into Sanctuary, ushering in a new age of death and wanton destruction.[59]

Lilith's blood petals remained in Sanctuary after her death. An enigmatic figure arrived in Estuar from the west, collecting the blood petals as they made their way across the continent. To what end, only they could answer.[60]

Lilith's actions in Velkhova indirectly led to the creation of the Malignant.[61] However, the Malignant were ultimately wiped out.[62]

Lilith's blood indirectly saved the Wanderer from succumbing to vampirism. Because of the blood petals they'd ingested in Nevesk, the Wanderer was prevented from turning into a vampire after they were bitten.[63]

The Wanderer was influenced by Lilith even after her death. Her blood petals continued to pulse against the Wanderer's skin when they touched.[64] Priest Voszalko tried to exorcise Lilith's influence from the Wanderer, but they blacked out and killed the Knights Penitent he had brought with him.[65]


Diablo II[]

Main article: Lilith (Diablo II)

Lilith appears as a boss in Diablo II in the Pandemonium Event.

Diablo Immortal[]

Lilith is referenced in Diablo Immortal via the Mother's Lament legendary gem and cosmetic sets such as Hatred's Heritage and Children of Lilith.

Diablo III[]

The re-emergence of the Nephalem originated by Lilith is a major story element of Diablo III. Lilith's Writings can be found in Pandemonium Fortress in Act V of Diablo III explaining her role in creating Sanctuary and giving birth to the Nephalem. The fact that all mortals are descended from her, a demon, was Malthael's motivation to enact a plan to exterminate humankind in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, and the reason he was able to use the Black Soulstone as a weapon against them.

Lilith's Embrace is a set of wings available for BlizzCon 2019 attendants.

Diablo IV[]

Main article: Lilith (Diablo IV)

Lilith appears in Diablo IV. Players pursue her across the game's storyline,[66] and the feud between she and Inarius is one of the game's key plot points.[67]

Altars of Lilith can be found in the game's overworld. These serve as "collectibles" and grant account-bound stat bonuses to all characters the player may create.[66]

She is referenced in the flavor text of the Mother's Embrace Unique Ring, which is guaranteed drop from defeating her in the campaign.

In the final battle against the Wanderer, Lilith reveals her true form as The Daughter of Hatred, with features reminiscent of her father and brother.

Once players reach World Tier 4, they can fight the Echo of Lilith, an "über" version of her. The encounter is exactly like the final battle against Lilith in the Cathedral of Hatred, but she's instead at level 100 and much harder to defeat. The Echo of Lilith considered the ultimate challenge in Diablo IV.

In Other Games[]

Call of Duty[]

Lilith is available as an operator in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.[68]



The Lilith skin in Overwatch 2

A Lilith skin for Moira is available in Overwatch 2.[69]

Personality and Traits[]

"She is cunning and her mind is like a labyrinth. I wasn't too sad when I learned, centuries later, that the angel had cast her out into the endless void, never to return. Well, 'never' is a relative term with her. Inarius should've known better. He should have slain her, but his kind always was too sentimental."

- Lucion(src)

Lilith Portrait

Lilith during the Eternal Conflict

Cruel and generous in equal measure,[70] Lilith possessed a seductive, manipulative nature.[8] Trag'Oul noted that Lilith was a creature of many plots, but also noted that her handiwork could often be identified as being hers. Her plots were constantly shifting as the need and opportunity arose.[6]

As a demon, Lilith stood taller than a man. During the Sin War, she had splayed hooves instead of feet. She bore no clothing upon her body thus in this unclad state she could be seen to be dark green of complexion. Fiery quills of an emerald sheen along with similar scales adorned her head in place of hair, and those same quills ran down her spine to culminate in a reptilian tail ending in savage barbs. Her hands were no stranger to this savage appearance and so her four-fingered hands ended in curved claws. Lilith's mouth bore sharp fang-like teeth for shredding her victims and her eyes were smoldering crimson orbs devoid of pupils. Uldyssian noted, however, that even in her demonic form, Lilith possessed seductive qualities.[9] After being reborn within Sanctuary, Lilith possessed a more humanoid appearance,[30] though gained/retained horns, wings and a tail.[28]

Daughter Hatred

Lilith's possible true form

Lilith's possible true form was displayed in her final battle with the Wanderer. In this form, she appeared similar to her father, but smaller in size. She had an emaciated demonic head and torso with enlarged and ribbed horns and wings. Her legs were reduced to vestigial spines, and her tail was enlarged to a spine that doubles as a coiling tail. Hints of the "clothes" she wore showed in this form; with her "corset" becoming an exposed ribcage, and her "ornamental pauldrons" becoming mutated shoulder blades. She hovered and flew instead of walking and appeared to lose most of what humans might identify as female physical traits.[71]

Lilith awoke "burning urges" within all those who are near her, whether they be human or demon. Profound fears, unchecked rage, repressed impulses, sinful desires, all were brought forth violently and irresistibly by her mere presence.[30] In the case of humans, Lilith's presence awakened their demonic half, driving them mad with hatred.[45] Some who were touched by Lilith developed an insatiable hunger for that which was not theirs. Far beyond simple greed, these followers held covetousness as a virtue and approached the acquisition of their desires with religious fervor.[72] Others were "awoken" with new fire stocked in their hearts.


"Steel did nothing. Spells, prayers. All useless."

- Grendan, in light of his encounter with Lilith(src)

Lilith was a powerful demon, resilient to magic and steel alike, able to even slay an entire group of Knights Penitent by herself.[47] Even while imprisoned in the Void, she was still apparently powerful enough to influence Sanctuary,[73] though this required the aid of her followers in the mortal realm.[23]

Lilith possessed the ability to change her form. During the Eternal Conflict, she appeared almost human-like in nature.[8] Prior to slaughtering Inarius's followers, she morphed into a horrific form, "of tooth and claw, of spike and blade."[14]

D4 Lilith concept art

Lilith's form after her return to Sanctuary

She could take on human form and/or disguise herself as one, her "Lylia" persona being a case in point. However, in this disguise, some animals (such as horses) were instinctively put off by her. Likewise, she could disguise herself as other demons.[9] She could possess humans in a manner that does not kill them, which allowed her to retain possession over extended periods of time, without awakening suspicion. In such examples, the human's consciousness was said to be sleeping, and could be reawakened, though with risk to the host. Lilith was able to gain access to her host's memories through this method.[6]

She possessed the ability to teleport (or a similar ability), doing so in a green flash, and healing abilities.[9] She was able to (re)forge blades, as well as transfer the essence of one weapon to another.[5] She could create fake duplicates of herself.[6] She was also able to fly, as her large wings allowed her to take to the air in a large leap.

She was also proficient in blood magic, and could craft various demons from blood.[74] There is evidence that her constructs could even be created on Sanctuary while she was still trapped in the Void (at least after the Worldstone's destruction),[73] though this was only possible due to the prayers of the Lilin.[23] She could also create constructs out of blood, and even liquify herself to blood and move very quickly. She could also wield flames, though it was not a favored means of combat.[71] She blessed demons that gained her favor with the ability to create blood runes.[75]

She also has some skill in divination, being able to sense when she was being scried, even if it was a powerful artifact like the Sightless Eye that was used to scry her. She was also able to break the connection,[76] or hijack it to trap her opponent in a nightmare.[77]


"She will always love her children, even if she is... disappointed."

- Anonymous(src)

Before her betrayal, Lilith was especially close to her brother, Lucion. He considered to know her better than any other being in Creation save their father.[9]

Lilith's relationship with the nephalem (and by extension, humanity) was complex and at times, contradictory. According to Rathma, Lilith was quite happy to manipulate others to her own means. Even her desire to save the nephalem from extinction was not due to any motherly concern, but because she wanted them as her servants.[6] However, it has also been stated that Lilith would always love her children, despite her disappointment in them.[78] One element of such disappointment was her claim that she had given humanity free will, yet humanity had squandered this gift by following causes and prophets blindly.[77]

During the Reign of Enmity, Lilith appeared to display genuine affection for both humanity and Rathma. The Wanderer noted that Lilith's apparent desire to save humanity from Hell seemed genuine, and in their vision of the demon, Lilith urged her 'children' to embrace their true nature (sin).[28] The Mother's Embrace cult claimed to spread Lilith's 'love' to humanity,[79] though it is debatable as to whether such 'love' would be welcomed.

However, even by Lilith's own admission to Elias, she did not come to save humanity, but to empower them.[80] Lilith was willing to treat her 'children' as pawns, such as casting Vhenard aside when she was no longer needed.[54] Worse, she was willing to use Donan's son, Yorin, both as a vessel for Astaroth as part of their bargain so she can gain safe passage in Hell and as a measure of gaining revenge on Donan for defying her, showcasing that Lilith was both spiteful and vengeful towards anyone who stands in her way.

In the case of Rathma, Lilith appeared to display genuine grief for her son's death.[55] She was favorable toward the Animus Revenants, for they heeded Rathma's teachings (in addition to worshipping her), and their loyalty to her son met with her approval.[81]


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Lilith's insignia

  • Lilith is a character in Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology, often thought to be a malign demonic entity or a succubus, usually associated with storms, wind and the night.
    • In multiple Abrahamic religions, particularly Judaism, Lilith was the first wife to Adam, created from the earth just like him. She flew away from paradise after refusing to obey her husband and wanting to be treated as his equal, and became the mother of all demons.
    • In Babylonian myths, Lilith was a prostitute of the goddess Ishtar, often portrayed as a voluptuous woman with large wings on her back and bird talons as her feet.
  • Lilith has heterochromia in Diablo IV (her eyes are of mismatched colors, grey and blue). In medieval Christian mythology, heterochromia was characteristic for Satan himself and was considered one of the signs of a witch.


  • Based on cover art, Lilith was to appear in the Diablo comic.
  • A 12 foot statue of Lilith was on display at BlizzCon 2019.[83]
  • A 24.5in Lilith statue is available from the Blizzard store.[84]
  • A Lilith Funko Pop is available from Amazon.[85]

Character Development[]


Lilith as she appears in Book of Cain

  • In the original lore, Lilith was listed as being the mother of Andariel.[25] This was retconned to Andariel being older than Lilith, originating as one of the heads of Tathamet.[14] This factor alone would make Andariel an aunt of the Succubi Queen, thus somewhat reversing their original roles.
  • Lilith has a total screentime of around 30 minutes in Diablo IV.[86]
  • Before the release of Season of the Malignant, it was stated that after Lilith's death, her corruption spread through Sanctuary, forming the Malignant.[87] This is not the case however. At best, Lilith could be seen as an indirect catalyst for the Malignant, though the actual originator was Varshan, through the misguided actions of Cormond.

Character Design[]

Lilith's appearance has changed over time:

  • In Diablo II, she used the same model as Andariel, but with a black color scheme.
  • In the Sin War novels, she is described as having a green coloring and a more reptilian appearance.
  • In Book of Tyrael and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Lilith is given a new design that looks more like that of Mephisto, but with elements of her original "Dark Andariel" model.
  • Lilith was redesigned for Diablo IV, giving her a much different look from previous appearances, but still retaining some few elements associated with her Diablo III incarnation. According to Art Director John Mueller, her design was an example of "plussing," which he described as a "collaborative process during which one an artist take's another one's concept, affirms what he or she likes about it, and tries to add a cool idea of his or her own.[1] The idea to give her a bone tail was pitched by sculptor Brian Fay, who reasoned that as humans take after their parents, there should be some trace of her father in her.[88]
  • Lilith appears in flashbacks in Legends of the Barbarian: Bul-Kathos. Inspiration was taken from her Diablo IV incarnation. A stylistic choice within the comic was to vary how she is perceived by different characters. When Hiram sees her, Lilith's face is never shown, demonstrating how Hiram idolizes her. When Bul-Kathos's perspective is shown however, Lilith's face is forward-facing, her dark intentions on full display.[19]

Character Reception[]

  • Blizzard employees, speaking under anonymity, have expressed discontent with Lilith's design in Diablo IV, in regards to "diversity topics." According to one employee, "it [representation of women] doesn’t really do anything special there at all, or much of anything. I had complaints about the way we handle Lilith, I think we've turned her into someone who’s less interesting as a villain than she could be, if handled by a better writer."[89]
  • In contrast, Kosta Andreadis of AusGamers praised Lilith's execution in the game, stating that Lilith was "quite possibly the best villain in a Diablo game."[90]
  • In an analysis of Diablo IV, Sam Smith of Dexerto argued that Lilith's plan in the game was doomed to fail. By his reading, Lilith fails due to her own demonic nature. That while she may believe she's doing good, and her methods may be effective, she is still a slave to her own nature (as are all demons), and thus cannot help but cause destruction and misery. Despite her stated goals, she is incapable of escaping the Eternal Conflict. He further states that this is reinforced by the game's ending, where, at the moment of her death, Mephisto figuratively and literally looms over Lilith, reinforcing her father's dominance over her, and that the Prime Evils will always inevitably return.[91]
  • Lauren Bergin of PCGamesN has argued that despite her prominence in the game, Lilith isn't the true villain of Diablo IV, but rather, Mephisto is. She points out that Lilith has small screentime in the game (in comparison to the overall length of its campaign), while Mephisto interacts with the Wanderer far more, and is ultimately pulling the strings.[86]


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