Lightning Wall

Requires: 27 Magic
Cost: 28 Mana (-2 per Spell Level, minimum 16)

A barrier of energy that electrocutes anyone attempting to cross it.

Damage Type: Lightning

Lightning Wall is a spell in Diablo I: Hellfire, a Lightning equivalent to Fire Wall.

General Information

Lightning Wall functions similarly to Fire Wall, but generally deals more damage and lasts longer, dealing Lightning Damage instead of Fire. Most advantages and disadvantages are shared among the two spells. Unlike the Fire Wall, it does not increase in size as Spell Level goes higher.

Multiple Lightning Walls can be stacked on top of each other, increasing the damage proportionally. The central sprite of the Lightning Wall does double damage.

Like Firewall, Lightning Walls work best when cast in a straight line, rather than diagonal, since there are gaps between the active sprites on diagonal walls. Lightning Wall deals double the damage of a Firewall, but it seems to have more gaps and spaces, since monsters are more likely to walk right through it.

Lightning Wall can damage the player who casts it, and this damage is treated as lightning from a trap (thus "of thieves" item will half it). Each space in the charges hits every .05 second for the duration.

Damage Calculation:

  • Real Damage: (Random[1-10] + Random[1-10] + Character Level + 2)/4
  • Min. Damage: 4 + 2*Character Level
  • Max. Damage: 40 + 2*Character Level
  • Duration: 12.75 + 12.75 x Spell Level seconds
  • Number of bolts: 11 (6th one placed at the cast point)


The electrical energy of Lighting, when channeled by an able magic user, is a deadly and powerful weapon. Shaping this dramatic force of nature into the form of a barrier wall requires great concentration, but can be used as an extremely effective defense against an onslaught of murderous foes. As understanding and control of this spell grows, the endurance of the wall can be increased, providing the caster with longer periods of protection.



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