General InformationEdit

Lightning Enchanted is a monster affix on certain powerful monsters in Diablo II. This, as the name implies, gives them affinity with lightning, empowering normal attacks to deal Lightning damage. This also gives them a dangerous backlash upon suffering a hit; Charged Bolt are dispersed, in attempts to damage the hero more than the damage they themselves have caused.

Diablo II/Lord of DestructionEdit

Lightning Enchanted grants the following bonuses to the Unique monster:

  • Lightning damage: 66% to 100%
  • Chance to Hit: ×2
  • Lightning Resistance: 75
  • If hit, launches a number of Charged Bolts equal to the monster's level.

In addition, in Nightmare and Hell, minions gain 33% to 50% Resistance to Lightning Damage. In hell, the unique is granted immunity to lightning.

The last bonus is extremely deadly. Firstly, the charged bolts can deal a tremendous amount of damage to a player per bolt. Secondly, if positioned poorly, the player is going to be hit by multiple bolts more often than not. This can be a surefire way to kill off a hero, and is one of the reasons why stacking Lightning resistance could be considered a priority. Melee heroes should fight these monsters with the highest damaging weaponry available. This results in less hits needed, which does help minimize the amount of charged bolts they release. Heroes using ranged weaponry and/or skills are allowed a larger window of opportunity to move out of the way, preventing an overdose of lightning damage. Another surefire way to help reduce damage is through Absorption

The Scarab Demons naturally have this bonus.

Superunique Monsters spawn lightning enchanted and with a conviction aura are probably the most dangerous non-boss enemies in the game, being capable of killing a player in seconds due to reduced lightning resistance and multiple bolts.

Diablo IIIEdit

Lightning Enchanted returns in Diablo III as Electrified. It is different from Lightning Enchanted in the following ways:

  • Champions now have the potential to have this, in addition to Uniques
  • The Charged Bolt defense given by this now releases a static number of bolts, rather than their actual level. While not as potent a threat as they were in Diablo 2, they can still account for a few kills, so caution is advised when fighting these monsters.
  • The basic attacks do not cause additional Lightning damage any longer.

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