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Light Radius is the illuminated circle around players that allows them to better see their surroundings.

Some items can change the Light Radius of the player by equipping them. Charms do not require the player to equip them in order to increase the Light Radius.

Improving light radius through the magical properties in items means that a character can more accurately see enemies and therefore can avoid surprises and fire from afar when required more easily.

Diablo I[]

In the original Diablo, Light Radius also had a tactical aspect, where it would affect when monsters took notice of the player and would begin advancing toward them to attack them. In this way, characters with a large light radius could trigger monsters from far off and save some walking, whereas those with a small light radius could sneak past groups of them.

Diablo II[]

In Diablo II, the base Light Radius is 13 and the max is 18. So there is no point in a character's equipment netting more than +5 to Light Radius unless they also have items with a negative light radius.

List of Diablo II items that affect Light Radius
Name Type Radius
Aldur's Stony Gaze Hunter's Guise +5
Angelic Wings Amulet +3
Atma's Scarab Amulet +3
Axe of Fechmar Large Axe +2
Azurewrath Sword +3
Black Hades Chaos Armor -2
Blackhand Key Grave Wand -2
Blackleach Blade Bill -2
Blood Crescent Scimitar +4
Bloodrise Morning Star +2
Brainhew Great Axe +4
Breath of the Dying Rune Word Weapons +1
Bright Jewels +1
Chance Guards Chain Gloves +2
Cloudcrack Gothic Sword +2
Crescent Moon Amulet -2
Crushflange Mace +2
Darksight Helm Basinet -4
Darkglow Ring Mail +3
Death Rune Word Axes, Swords +1
Duskdeep Full Helm -2
Fortitude Rune Word Body Armor, Weapons +1
Ghostflame Legend Spike +2
Gleamscythe Falchion +3
Glimmering Amulets, Armor, Orbs, Rings, Staves, Wands +1
Gloom Rune Word Body Armor -3
Gloom's Trap Mesh Belt -3
Glowing Amulets, Armor, Orbs, Rings, Staves, Wands +2
Goblin Toe Light Plated Boots -1
Goldskin Full Plate Mail +2
Goldwrap Heavy Belt +2
Guardian Angel Templar Coat +4
Hand of Blessed Light Divine Scepter +4
Harmony Rune Word Missile weapons +2
Hellfire Torch Charm +8
Heaven's Brethren Complete Set +5
Heaven's Light Mighty Scepter +3
Honor Rune Word Melee weapons +1
Iceblink Splint Mail +4
Immortal King's Will Avenger Guard +4
Infernostride Demonhide Boots +2
Lenymo Sash +1
Lidless Wall Grim Shield +1
Light Amulets, Body Armor, Rings, Scepters, Staves, Wands +1
Lightsabre Phase Blade +7
Lore Rune Word Helms +2
Moonfall Jagged Star +2
Nadir Rune Word Helms -3
Nokozan Relic Amulet +3
Nosferatu's Coil Vampirefang Belt -3
Pluckeye Short Bow +2
Prudence Rune Word Body Armor +1
Radiance Amulets, Bows, Crossbows, Helms, Rings, Scepters, Staves, Wands +3
Radiance Rune Word Helms +5
Rixot's Keen Short Sword +2
Schaefer's Hammer Legendary Mallet +1
Seraph's Hymn Amulet +2
Serpent Lord Long Staff -1
Shadowfang Two-Handed Sword -2
Silks of the Victor Ancient Armor +2
Smoke Rune Word Body Armor -1
Spire of Honor Lance +3
Spirit Forge Linked Mail +4
Splendor Rune Word Off-hand armor +3
Steelclash Kite Shield +3
Steel Rune Word Axes, Maces, Swords +1
Sun Amulets, Bows, Crossbows, Gloves, Helms, Rings, Scepters, Staves, Wands +5
The Dragon Chang Spear +2
The Eye of Etlich Amulet +1-5
The Redeemer Mighty Scepter +3
The Rising Sun Amulet +4
The Tannr Gorerod Pike +3
Tomb Reaver Cryptic Axe +4
Torch of Iro Wand +3
Umbral Disk Small Shield -2
Unbending Will Rune Word Swords +1
Veil of Steel Spired Helm -4
Venom Ward Breast Plate +2
Voice of Reason Rune Word Maces, Swords +1
Wind Rune Word Melee weapons +1
Woestave Halberd -3

Diablo III[]

In Diablo III, Light Radius stat is non-existent. Most areas are brightly lit, and in darker ones (and in the night) characters have a static radius of lighting that cannot be changed by any means, and does not affect the gameplay in any way.

A notable exception is the Halls of the Blind quest remake in The Darkening of Tristram: as soon as the player enters the Halls, their light radius is set to zero, making them wander in the pitch dark (unable to see beyond just a few yards, and therefore leaving them open to attack by Hidden).