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"You must quiet both mind and body in order to feel the Light. Only then shall it unleash your hidden strength."

Cleric Akkhan(src)
Paladin Prayer

A paladin bathed in light

The Light is a type of force that can be called upon by individuals aligned with it, most notably angels. It is the opposite of Darkness.


Angels are said to be servants of the Light.[1]

Various mortals are capable of using the Light. Individuals associated with its usage include Paladins,[2] Crusaders,[3] and Templars.[4] Some individuals are born with a natural affinity towards the Light.[5] Usage of the Light grants mortals an array of abilities, including healing, resistance, and even share the Light's power with those around him/her via an aura.[6] The spirits of the Light are ever vigilant, and in times of great need, have been known to aid their loyal disciples in subtle ways.[7] Before using the powers of the Light however, a Paladin must submit to its glory.[8]

Light is anathema to the undead.[7] According to Ellig Barrows, the Light is not a malignant force, but is vengeful against those who transgress against it.[9]

The Light is used by humans in various phrases, such as "go with the Light,"[10] "thank the Light,"[11] etc.

Light can be stored in physical objects.[12]



A Crusader in prayer

It is said that the concept of the Light was introduced to Sanctuary by the archangel Yaerius, who came to the ascetic Akarat. The teachings the angel imparted stressed the necessity of resisting all things evil, and embracing, with total devotion, the Light. The angel appointed Akarat to be the prophet of these new teachings, and bade him take the word to the people of all lands.[13] Akarat's teachings of Zakara, or "inner light," eventually gave rise to the Zakarum faith.[14] Thus, worship of the Light became the dominant religion on Sanctuary, with few corners of the world untouched by its influence.[15] The most basic tenet of Zakarum states that the Light exists in all mortals.[5] Akarat believed (or claimed) that the Ancients embraced the Light wholeheartedly.[16] The "sign of the Light" can be made in the air by followers of the Zakarum faith.[17]

The Light is accepted by some, if not all Barbarians.[18]

Anajinn and her successors took a burden of seeking the Light, and believe that it can be found in anyone.[19]


Light-based abilities can be utilized in all three Diablo games. In Diablo II and Diablo III, these abilities are most closely related to the Paladin and Crusader classes respectively.


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