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Lidra was a Demon Hunter, apparently turned renegade.


Not long prior to the coming of the Fallen Star[1] Lidra needed to journey across Aranoch. Being unfamiliar with the land, and needing to cross quickly to Khanduras, she hired Rigley, a caravan driver, to take her. In addition to her weapons, she also carried a sack with her, one containing a demon. As she slept, she caught Rigley trying to open it. Putting a blade against his neck, she warned the caravan driver that she'd kill him if he tried to open it again. Whomever she delivered the demon to would apparently grant her significant profit.

Rigley eventually apologised to her the next day, and some semblance of normal conversation was established. However, it was clear that he was still interested in the sack, and she repeated her threat. However, as she slept, Rigley opened the sack, releasing the demon. The creature possessed him and destroyed the caravan in its rampage, along with setting the camels free. Lidra was buried under the debris, and when she came to, was heavily bruised, and there was no sign of her quarry bar the damage it had caused.

She was approached by a man, Slavut, a former priest, and now a scavenger. Both being wary of the other's motives, she claimed that she had been attacked by a desert beast. She could tell that he didn't buy her story, but he still offered her a place at his camp. Lidra killed him, and headed towards the camp herself. Along the way she was able to find and track Rigley, gauging his situation. He to was headed for the camp, so she decided to wait, let him feed on the bandits, and once the demon had gorged itself and lowered its guard, she would strike.

The plan worked, to a point - not all the scavengers were killed, and Rigley clearly had enough self-control to fight the demon's actions. But with his guard lowered, she struck, downing Rigley. Plunging her blades into his body, she recited an incantation that drew the demon out of Rigley's body, in an effort to get it back into the sack. Rigley pulled her arms in deeper into his wounds, and the demon possessed her instead. Rigley and one of the scavengers impaled her with a blade, passing right through her body, and consequently, the demon as well. Both Lidra and the demon were killed as a result.[2]

Personality and Traits[]

Lidra was callous, quite willing to kill and let others die. She was equipped with numerous blades that she primarily uses as thrown projectiles. She wore lavender robes.[2]


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