The library's entrance

The Library of Zoltun Kulle[1] is one of the repositories of Zoltun Kulle.


The library is located in the deserts of Kehjistan.[2] Unlike the other archives of Zoltun Kulle, this library is brand new. That said, it is still filled with the types of traps that Kulle would normally employ,[3] replete with powerful artifacts and the many traps that are there to keep them out of prying hands.[4] A copy of Zoltun Kulle was created by the Wizard to serve as the library's curator.[5]

The library's interior

When the Worldstone was destroyed, one of its shards crashed into the library. Five years later, a group of thieves entered the library hoping to make a big score. Unfortunately for them, the Coven had also arrived, hoping to retrieve the shard.A group of heroes arrived as well, also looking for the shard, but found that everything was trying to kill them.[4] This included Kulle's duplicate, which believed itself to be the real Zoltun Kulle.[5]


The library appears as a zone in Diablo Immortal.[6] Tomes can be found outside the library, and if enough are collected, it unlocks a secret level. The secret level varies in its content.[1]


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