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Level 8 is the fourth and the last of the Catacombs-style level in the original Diablo. The player(s) reaches Level 8 after from a stairway in Level 7. Somewhere in Level 8 there is a stairway to Level 9.



If available, a quest called Zhar the Mad can be obtained by talking to a Unique Counselor Mage called... Zhar the Mad. Speaking to him will activate his namesake quest.

He will wonder why the player is there and says that all these interruptions are enough to make one insane (and then laughs madly). He will then give the player a spell book and asks to be left alone to do his work in peace. If the player then tries to grab a spell book from his bookcase, he will be infuriated and he will then attack the player.

Level Beastiary

The following monsters can be found in Level 8:

Unique Monsters