Level 12 is the fourth and the last Caves-style level in the original Diablo, and logically the hardest. The player(s) reaches Level 12 after from a stairway in Level 11. Somewhere in Level 12 there is a stairway to Level 13.

It's also the third and final level (after Level 1 and Level 11) where there is no quest related to the level.

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Bestiary Edit

This level often already gives a show of what will be waiting in Hell for there can be monster classes like Black Knight or Succubus. It introduces the player(s) to powerful monsters that resists and/or are immune to the magic types, including some that even start casting Lightning spells constantly at the player(s) and some that throw Firebolt-like balls at the player(s).

The following monsters can be found in Level 12:

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