"Stop wasting my time, you peasant! I know her body was buried here...Where is Asylla's tomb?"
The Queen’s tomb...was hidden. The dead...deserve...their rest."
Wrong answer. The dead serve me! A fact you will learn soon enough."

Lethes while interrogating a member of the Wortham Guard(src)

Lethes is a rogue Necromancer.

Megolomaniacal, Lethes has little regard for life, and pursues her goals ruthlessly. She has little patience for subtlety.[1]


"Lethes, stop this! Your wanton disregard for life ends here. You will be brought to justice..."
" I tire of your jealous attempts to suppress my potential. No. Now, with the power of the Worldstone at my command, I will obtain true dominion over the dead. Your entire lethargic order will be swept away and replaced by one with the ambition to reshape this corrupt world. You are a relic, old man, and you are no longer needed."

Xul and Lethes confront each other(src)

Lethes was the student of Xul. She came to resent her mentor, accusing him of attempting to suppress her potential. She ended up leaving the Priests of Rathma,[1] and sought out the Worldstone, intending on using it to reshape Sanctuary.[2]


Lethes torturing the guardsmen

In 1270, Lethes came to Ashwold Cemetery, looking for the tomb of Queen Asylla. She tortured two members of the Wortham Guard, demanding to know where it was located. She killed one of them when he told her nothing, and the second told her that only Asylla's handmaiden knew the tomb's location. The man's life was saved when Xul arrived, demanding that she stop. Lethes refused, claiming that she'd obtained the power of the Worldstone, and that Xul and his order would be swept away, replaced by one which would reshape Sanctuary. She summoned undead to cover her escape, as her minions fought Xul and a group of heroes.

Lethes later found the handmaiden inside her home. She tortured the woman until she revealed where Asylla's tomb was located, before killing her and then departing. Entering the tomb, she summoned a Skeletal Mage to waylay her pursuers. In the meantime, she intended to awaken Asylla's spirit so that it may lead her to Leoric, in order to claim his soul.

Lethes tried to waylay her pursuers by summoning necrotic barriers and a trio of Golems to defend them. However, the barriers were taken down, and the heroes (along with Xul) arrived, interrupting Lethes's summoning of Asylla's spirit. She summoned a simulacrum to defeat the heroes, but the simulacrum itself was destroyed.[1]


Lethes is encountered in Diablo Immortal, as part of the Ashwold Cemetery quest.


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  • The Lethe is one of the rivers of the Underworld in Greek mythology.


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