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For the crown as it appears in previous games, see Undead Crown (disambiguation).

Leoric's Crown is a Legendary helm in Diablo III. It requires character level 8 to drop (but the Skeleton King will drop it as of level 5 the first time he is killed in Campaign Mode, reset by starting a new Campaign).

The unique affix applies to any color of a gem (but not to Legendary Gems), and is perhaps most useful to builds limited in power by large cooldowns (due to doubling the effect of Diamonds). To ensure that the affix is readily available for use, the crown boasts a guaranteed socket as well. This affix was added in Patch 2.1, and so is not present in the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 console versions.

Prior to patch 2.1, it was the only helm in game that could roll Area Damage.


It will be at most level 8 but will have a lower level requirement to wear equal to the level of the character who finds it, if they can defeat him at a low level. For example: it will require only level 6 to wear the crown if characters beat him at level 6.


It drops in the Chancellor's Tomb after the fight with Chancellor Eamon who has sealed off access to the altar it's placed on with a force field. It is unidentified so it's nature is only revealed when the player gets to town.

It will not drop if the player already has it, not just on their person but even if they have it in their stash having found it using a previous character.

It's possible to sell it for 301 gold, but the Buyback Items can get it back to complete the quest so long as the character does not sell more than 12 items after it.


When returning to town and talking to the blacksmith Haedrig Eamon he is shown putting the crown on the forge and making repairs to it.

Despite that, it will remain in the character's inventory if it already was (or in the stash if left there)

  • if equipped, it will even still be visible on the player's head, as he does so, showing 2 crowns on-screen simultaneously

It is possible to pick up the crown at a level lower than 8 where it will be impossible to equip it, by doing a pacifist run through.


Having the crown repaired by Haedrig gives access to the 2nd level, even if the crown is not carried on the person of the character opening the door (it can be left in the stash or even sold)

The Royal Crypts

The crown does not actually have to be carried by the character, it can be left in the stash but the character can still click Leoric's body and it will in theory put it on him and awake him.

  • this also happens even if the crown was sold to a vendor, the game does not detect the absence of the crown, just that the quest objectives that it was taken off the pedestal and "repaired"

If the character is wearing the crown (equipped on head) it stays equipped there during the battle, so they didn't actually put it on him at all.

Also if the crown is in the inventory (not worn) it isn't lost either.

Stats (Level 70)

Leoric's Crown.png

Leoric's Crown
Legendary Helm

  • 660 - 759 Armor


The crown of the Black King. The taint of his madness wafts from the metal, clinging to any jewel that comes near it.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • It is one of the three items originally belonging to King Leoric (the others being Leoric's Signet and Wrath of the Bone King, plus PS3-only Leoric's Gauntlets) that can be found outside the Horadric Caches. It is also the only item of his belongings to appear in all three games.
  • Despite the fact that this item has a special effect that requires a gem, when this property was just added, it was actually possible for this item to drop with no sockets, thus making the effect completely useless without Enchanting.
  • Since it drops at such a low level and is guaranteed on a story quest boss, it will likely be the first legendary item acquired by each character (and will remain the lowest-level legendary item in their possession).

Stats (Level 6 demo)


  • 22 armor
  • 18 to IQ
  • 20 Life per Hit
  • +2 Thorns Damage
  • regen 44 life per second

Stats (Level 8 demo)


  • 24 armor
  • 21 to IQ
  • 20 Life per hit
  • 10% extra gold from monsters
  • regen 24 life per second