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For the quest of the same name, see Legacy of the Horadrim (Quest).
Legacy of the Horadrim-interface

The Legacy of the Horadrim UI

Legacy of the Horadrim is a gameplay system in Diablo Immortal.


  • Collecting Vessels: Ages ago, the founding Horadric magi imbued their strengths into a vessel, to be used by future generations of Horadrim. With the order fallen, the vessels are scattered across Sanctuary. Bring them to Iben Fahd's sanctum to inherit the legacy of the Horadrim.
  • Activating Vessels: Place a vessel at the Legacy Shrine to activate it and gain a unique bonus.
  • Upgrading Vessels: Enter the sanctum’s depths and overcome challenges to reach the Aspirant’s Grounds and gather Culling Stones imbued with Horadric essence. Use these materials at the Legacy Shrine to upgrade your vessels, increasing the bonuses you receive.


The system becomes available to players during the "Legacy of the Horadrim" quest, where they gain access to the Legacy Shrine in Iben Fahd's Sanctum.

When the shrine is clicked on, the Legacy system opens up with 9 vessel slots. The player has to farm specific bosses until they receive a vessel that may be placed in one of them. Each of the 9 vessels grants the player a permanent stat that can be subsequently upgraded. The upgrades are paid for through Culling Stones.

Each vessel is themed around members of the Horadrim, specifically nine of the original members. Each vessel has a respective memory, who relates tales of their progenitor. The first tale is automatically unlocked when the vessel is inserted. The next tale is unlocked when the vessel has been upgrade to level 10.