Leah's Tristram Journal is a seven-part tome in Act I of Diablo III, first part of Leah's Journal. All parts can be found in Leah's Room at the Slaughtered Calf Inn, but at different times during the act.

The parts read as follows:

Part 1Edit

Quest: The Fallen Star

"We've been under siege for six days now. Uncle Deckard is still missing. Captain Rumford and the others are losing hope. I tell them not to lose faith... but if help doesn't arrive soon..."

Part 2Edit

Quest: The Legacy of Cain, before entering the Cathedral.

"A miracle has happened! A hero, like one out of Uncle Deckard's tales, appeared and saved us! I know in my heart that my uncle still lives and I pray that the hero will bring him home safely."

Part 3Edit

Quest: A Shattered Crown

"Uncle Deckard's home--rescued from the clutches of the Skeleton King! I'm so glad. But the Skeleton King? I thought he was a folktale. The idea of mad King Leoric returning to torture this place... Hasn't Tristram suffered enough?"

Part 4Edit

Quest: Sword of the Stranger

"I can hardly believe it, but the falling star... is a man! When Uncle Deckard realized this, he was crushed. I know he was hoping for something more... miraculous."

Part 5Edit

Quest: The Broken Blade

"Uncle Deckard believes the key to unlocking the Stranger's memory is reassembling his sword. I wish I could say this was another of Uncle's crazy theories, but I can't deny that these ominous events are starting to really scare me."

*Only obtainable after completing the quest Sword of the Stranger.

Part 6Edit

Quest: The Doom in Wortham (after accepting quest)

"When we retrieved the Stranger's second sword piece, Maghda found us. She's always on our heels. Who is she? She claims to know my mother, but how could that be? Regardless, we must beat her to Wortham and the final piece of the sword."

*Only obtainable after starting The Doom in Wortham by speaking to The Stranger.

Part 7Edit

Quest: Trailing the Coven

"Uncle Deckard is gone forever. I remember the wonderful times we had together, always off on another crazy quest. What will I do without him? He believed the Stranger was an angel, but he is only a man. I always knew they were just stories. Uncle Deckard died for those stories."

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