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Barbarians in cages

The Last of the Barbarians event in the beginning

Last of the Barbarians is an event in Act III of Diablo III's Adventure Mode. It takes place in Ruins of Sescheron, and a bounty may be offered to complete it.

The event starts upon approach of one of four male Barbarian warriors in Iron Cages distributed around an open area, some on top of some small terraces. The first cage is surrounded by hordes of Ice Clan Khazra. Each Barbarian liberated causes even more Khazra Brutes to attack, then joins the party to assist in rescuing his brothers. The last also draws out Shogg, the slave overseer, who must be killed.

After the event is complete, the Barbarian Skular remains to fight through the Ruins with the Nephalem, until they leave the zone or reach the throne of King Kanai. He will also tell how his squad came to fight the Unclean, but were captured while tending to their wounded.


  • Bounty: Unleash the captured Barbarians
  • Free an imprisoned Barbarian
  • Unleash the other 3 Barbarians
  • Slay Shogg
  • Speak to Skular


Freeing any of the four Barbarians
Captured Barbarian: "Die Khazra swine!"
Killing Shogg
Skular: "My brothers are off to continue clearing the vermin out of Sescheron."
Skular: "We had no idea there were still other warriors in this world."
<Skular begins following the hero>
Skular: "These Khazra swine never could have taken us if we had not been busy tending to the wounds we earned slaughtering cannibals."
Skular: "You have earned my protection, for a time. Enough talk. The enemies of my people need killing."


  • This event and the The Return of Abd al-Hazir event have a possibility of showing up in the same game. If taken together, both Abd al-Hazir and Skular will change their dialogue lines and converse with each other at certain points, with Skular hushing Abd al-Hazir when the party approches Kanai's throne, and threatening him for not respecting the Barbarians' beliefs.