For the event of the same name, see Last of the Barbarians (Event).

Last of the Barbarians is a five-part tome found in Adventure Mode of Diablo III. It is found in Barbarian Packs scattered across Ruins of Sescheron and Elder Sanctum, telling the story of Skular and his fate during and after Siege of Sescheron.

It reads as follows:

  1. Baal has invaded Sescheron, but we will fight until we are no more. For we are all that stands between him and our sacred Mountain — and I swear by the blood of Bul-Kathos, hell will pay dearly for each of our deaths.
  2. Chief Elder Kanai was the best of us. He could have been the next Immortal King. None have come close to bringing the tribes together since Worusk, but Kanai could have been the one to change that with his indomitable spirit. Though as strong as three warriors, his true strength lay in his compassion.
  3. We showed Baal and his army what it meant to fight true warriors, but when Kanai was killed it froze the spirits of our bloodied ranks. That was when the battle was lost, for he was truly our king.
  4. Dren, the last of our seers, prophesied the darkness would soon pass. He was wrong. Mount Arreat exploded, and took our souls with it. Many of our dwindling number were lost that day to madness and worse. They are the Unclean.
  5. The years wear on us all. Only a few still live, but we have made a good account of ourselves, killing all but the most vicious of the flesh eaters. To think they were once our kin... as long as even one of them still lives we are all shamed.
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