Larzuk was a Barbarian blacksmith who worked in Harrogath. He was present during Baal's siege of Mount Arreat, where he forged weapons for the town's warriors.


Early Life

According to Larzuk, his ancestors were the finest craftsmen in Harrogath. As a child, he used to play soldier among the barricades of Mount Arreat.[1]

The Siege of Arreat

As Baal's forces lay siege to Harrogath, Larzuk forged weapons for the defenders,[1] determined to stay the course until the conflict concluded.[2] However, his supplies ran lower with each passing day, and he feared the day neared when he would have to put down his hammer and take up a sword instead, though if the Barbarians did not need the weapons, he would have been out there fighting himself. He offered Qual-Kehk ideas on how to break the siege, such as using hot pipes with exploding powders and steel balls, but these ideas were dismissed. Likewise, he suggested to Malah the idea of using sheepskins, binding them together, and using hot air to lift them and their user above the battlefield. She scoffed at the idea and wondered if he had gone mad.

Salvation came with the arrival of a group of heroes who, according to Deckard Cain, had slain Baal's brothers, Mephisto and Diablo. Larzuk was skeptical, but directed the heroes to deal with Shenk the Overseer, a demon who Baal had left in command of the siege of Harrogath while he scaled Mount Arreat. The heroes succeeded, and Larzuk apologised for underestimating them.

Next, the heroes were sent to rescue Qual-Kehk's men, who had been taken prisoner by the demons. The heroes again succeeded, and Larzuk admitted that he was beginning to find Cain's tales of their past heroism more and more believable.

The siege continued, as did the hero's actions. Larzuk learnt how their elder Nihlathak had betrayed them. He learned how the heroes had been forced to defeat the mountain's guardians, a deed for which they gained further respect. Eventually, the heroes defeated Baal himself, but at the cost of the purity of the Worldstone, which had to be destroyed.[1] Larzuk was killed in the resulting explosion.[3]


Larzuk appears as an NPC in Lord of Destruction. He offers players the Siege on Harrogath quest which, after completion, adds sockets to any one of the player's items, even set and unique items, with the exception of those that cannot have sockets in the first place and items that already have sockets.


Larzuk offers a range of items including:

He can also repair items.


Introduction (General)

  • "I am Larzuk, the armorer. My ancestors were some of the finest craftsmen in Harrogath.
    Regretfully, my supplies run lower with every passing day, yet the demons beyond the walls have not weakened.
    I fear the time is near when I must put down my hammer and take up a sword instead.

Introduction (Amazon)

  • "So you're an amazon. I've heard rumors about your kind.
    Your unusual weapons could prove a challenge to my skills, but I'm prepared to meet them.

    I am Larzuk, the armorer. My ancestors were some of the finest craftsmen in Harrogath.
    Regretfully, my supplies run lower with every passing day, yet the demons beyond the walls have not weakened.
    I fear the time is near when I must put down my hammer and take up a sword instead.


  • "Just so you know... The gold you pay me doesn't line my pockets.
    Much of it goes to buy the raw metal I need to melt down for weapons and armor.
    The rest - well all I can spare - goes to Malah and Qual-Kehk for other supplies.
  • "Nihlathak's despair is infectious - and his behavior does not befit an Elder of his stature.
    I think we'd be better off without him.
  • "I've offered Qual-Kehk my ideas on how to break the siege, but he dismisses them.
    Is it because I lack scars of battle, or does he think I'm a couple arrows short of a quiver?
  • "Demonic forces have been using our own towers and barricades against us. You know, it would be wise to cut the
    demons down in the open before they can mount those fortifications.
  • "This is a lively town during our victory celebrations.
    We barbarians train long and hard from childhood to become warriors, and we celebrate with equal fervor.
    You didn't happen to bring along any ale to trade?
  • "Has that infernal howling been keeping you awake at night, too?
    Some think it's the howling of animals, but those sounds don't come from any beast I've ever known.

Siege on Harrogath

Quest Initiation:

  • "If you're here to defeat Baal, you must prove it. As we speak Harrogath is under siege by Baal's demons.
    catapults rain death just outside the town walls. Baal himself travels up the sacred mountain,
    having left in charge here one of his most vicious generals, Shenk the Overseer, a ruthless taskmaster,
    he lashes his own minions into suicidal frenzies on the battlefield. If you wish to prove yourself to us,
    destroy the monster Shenk that commands the infernal catapults outside Harrogath. If you manage to do this, return to me.

After Initiate:

  • "Uh.. did I mention there were catapults?"

Early Return:

  • "What's the matter hero? Questioning your fortitude? I know we are."

Upon Completion:

  • "You're an even greater warrior that I expected. Sorry for underestimating you.
    As a token of my appreciation I will craft sockets into an item of your choosing.
    And from now on you'll get the best prices for all my wares.

Rescue on Mount Arreat

After Initiate:

  • "I crafted the swords and armor for Qual-Kehk's men, they were like brother to me.
    I can't imagine the pain they must be suffering. Save them if you can.

Early Return:

  • "As a kid I used to play solture on the barricades of the mountain. There is no easy way through that mass of walls."

Upon Completion:

  • "Since your arrival Cain has spoken of your deed in the southern kingdoms, defeating both Mephisto and Diablo.
    At first I scoffed at his tales, but I'm finding them more believable with every passing day."

Prison of Ice

After Initate:

  • "Anya is an amazing alchemist, specially for her young age.
    As long as I've known her she's never let anything to stop her from persuing what she believed in.
    I would doubt that Nihlathak is involved, ever since her father died, they haven't got along.

Early Return:

  • "As the daughter of elder Aust. Anya is the only person, besides Nihlathak,
    who has any real knowlegde of Mount Arreat's secrets. I'd hate to see our fate in the hands of Nihlathak alone.

After finding Anya:

  • "Poor Anya, I should've know Nihlathak was a traitor. If you find him alive, kill him for me."

Upon Completion:

  • "I never liked Nihlathak, but I never suspected that he'd betray us.
    I just can't understand how an elder can do such a thing.

Betrayal of Harrogath

After Initiate:

  • "Now, rescuing Anya, that's good. Talking to me while Nihlathak hands over the relic to Baal... Uh that's bad."

Early Return:

  • "What's there to talk about?
    ...Kill Nihlathak!

Upon Completion:

  • "Hmm...What does Baal plan to do inside Mount Arreat?"

Rite of Passage

After Initiate:

  • "Every night I pray to The Ancients to bring us peace, now you must fight them. Who should I pray to now warrior?"

Upon Completion:

  • "You've walked on the burial grounds of our greatest ancestors. I'm not sure whether I should bow before you
    or revile you for commiting sacrilege. Tread lightly when you walk with gods.

Eve of Destruction

After Initiate:

  • "The Ancients have honored you, and in turn so do we. I've no remaining doubts about you now."

Early Return:

  • "I may be just an armorer. But I know this, Baal plans to destroy the world
    with the secrets contain in that mountain. It doesn't take a genius to know he has to be stopped!

Upon Completion:

  • "The Ancients themselves will envy our songs about you. Please don't forget about us. Farewell my friend."

Personality and Traits

Larzuk was young, passionate, and a "firebrand," who took pride in his ability to craft the finest instruments of war.[2] According to Anya, Larzuk would have been married long ago if not for his work as a blacksmith. For his part (going by dialogue options), Larzuk appeared to be attracted to the Amazon hero, suggesting that after the siege, they travel to the Skovos Isles together.[1]

Larzuk's ideas appeared to be well ahead of his time, or indeed, the technological level of Sanctuary as a whole. His suggestions to Qual-Kehk and Malah were basically those of cannons and hot air balloons respectively.[1]


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