Lakumba's Ornament are Legendary bracers in Diablo III, added in Patch 2.4.0. They require character level 70 to drop.

The unique affix damage reduction is multiplicative to other similar effects; with Sacred Harvester, it can give a total of 60% damage reduction.

Note that technically this effect is a separate buff with 30 seconds duration, refreshed on each cast of Soul Harvest.

Stats (Level 70)


Lakumba's Ornament
Legendary Bracers

  • 366-421 Armor


There is a thread from the Unformed Land in all things. Lakumba, above all others, knew how to weave it. Her shrouds revealed a truth many refused to see.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Appearance and effect suggest the use of this item with Raiment of the Jade Harvester set.
  • In 2.4 patch notes, this item is named Lakumbra's Ornament, which is likely its original name.
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