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The event in motion

Lair of the Lacuni is an event in Act II of Diablo III. It takes place in the Abandoned Mineworks, an event-specific dungeon under the Howling Plateau.

A wounded member of the Iron Wolves calls out for The Nephalem's help from just outside the Mineworks. Inside, the Iron Wolves fight furiously against an ambush by Lacuni Huntresses. They have split into three groups that need to be saved, as additional Huntresses leap out of the sand throughout the cave. Rescuing them allows them to regroup at their Captain, who gives thanks for the help. The lull in fighting is ended by another onslaught of Huntresses, including several throwing grenades from the ridge above. Last to emerge is the unique Lacuni Warrior, Ghas.

Defeating Ghas awards the usual gold and experience, along with the achievement "Lair of the Lacuni".


  • Bounty: Enter the Abandoned Mineworks
  • Bounty: Help the Iron Wolves
  1. Kill the lacuni attacking the Iron Wolves
  2. Kill Ghas and the lacuni


Outside the cave
Iron Wolf: "We were ambushed in the cave. Help the others!"
Entering the cave
Iron Wolf: "Take that! And that!"
Iron Wolf: "There's no time to talk. My brothers need us!"
Iron Wolf Captain: <from below> "Stay strong! I won't let you die while I still stand!"
Iron Wolves fighting
  • Iron Wolf: "For the Iron Wolves!"
  • Iron Wolf: "I won't fall to you rotten beasts!"
  • Iron Wolf: "Captain! There are too many!"
Rescuing each cluster of Iron Wolves
  • Iron Wolf: "I'm glad you came when you did!"
  • Iron Wolf: "I thought I was dead. Thank you."
  • Iron Wolf: "Let's help the others before they fall!"
After rescuing the separated Iron Wolves
Iron Wolf Captain: "Everyone's accounted for or dead. All right, men, finish patching up these two, and let's get out of this damned pit!"
Iron Wolf: "Yes, sir! Wait! Do you hear that...?"
Iron Wolf: "Another ambush!"
Iron Wolf Captain: "Men, kill that big lacuni!"
Iron Wolf Captain: "That was a trying battle. Thank you for your help."
  • Monk (M): "We saved a lot of people back there."
    Scoundrel: "Awfully proud of that, aren't you?"
    Monk (M): "You were a great help."
    Scoundrel: "Hmph. I just carried out the treasure."