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For background information, see Kurast.
Kurast Docks
Act Act III
Quests The Golden Bird, Blade of the Old Religion, Khalim's Will, Lam Esen's Tome, The Blackened Temple, The Guardian
NPCs Hratli, Ormus, Deckard Cain, Asheara, Alkor, Natalya
Adjacent Zones Spider Forest
Waypoint Yes

Kurast Docks is the safe haven that the player visits in Act III in pursuit of Diablo and Baal (who has now been freed from Tal Rasha's Tomb). The whole city has been corrupted by Mephisto, forcing the few survivors to retreat to the Docks. Ormus and Hratli have protected them with their magic, but even that won't last for long. The Lord of Hatred must be defeated in order to save them, and the Three must be stopped before they achieve their goal.


Though the corrupt Children of Zakarum have slain many inhabitants of Kurast and Mephisto's corruption has claimed a significant portion of its population as well, the survivors include many skilled and influential characters:


There are six quests available in Kurast Docks.


The following waypoints can be found and used (after activation) in Act III:

Map of Kurast Docks


Ormus provides the Docks with ancient Skatsimi magic and Hratli has placed an enchantment to keep the demons at bay. However, this barrier is fading, and will need to be re-powered shortly after arriving (by completing the Blade of the Old Religion quest).