"Whispers abound of Kovan's insatiable lust for slaughtering the denizens of the Burning Hells. May the gods save the world if the day comes when he no longer has demons to fight."

Tales of the Wasteland (excerpt)(src)

Kovan the Merciless is/was a Demon Hunter.[1] He was known for his bloodlust and desire to slaughter demons.[2]


Kovan is associated with the Unhallowed Essence item set. A quote of his is provided with each component. He is further referenced in The Demon's Demise.


  • "A demon hunter’s mind must be tuned precisely to the demonic will. Only then can you know the best vantage point for your attack. Waver and you are dead."[1]
  • "When a demon peers into your heart of hearts, demon hunter, what will he find? Death. Whether it is his or yours depends solely on you.[3]
  • "If you cannot learn to direct your hatred, it will consume you."[4]
  • "Josen often said that everything is a test, including life itself. How will you fare when your mettle is tested?"[6]
  • "A demon hunter who fully tempers their hatred with discipline will see their vengeance clearly."[7]


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