"I never liked those two."


Korae, Ear Collector, and Samae, Tongue Collector, are twin female unique Unclean Ones found in Ruins of Sescheron in Act III of Diablo III.


The two Barbarian women always spawn together, and although they count as separate entities for killing purposes, will attack simultaneously.

They randomly appear in the Ruins of Sescheron. It appears that they both dual-wield Galraki.

Like other Barbarian cannibals, Korae and Samae have very high melee damage, huge Life pools and move very quickly. In addition, they both have Weapon Throw skill, which deals tremendous damage from afar.

Their other unusual ability is a dodging roll that allows them to quickly relocate, escaping harm's way (much like player characters in console versions of the game).


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  • Before a hotfix, they could spawn invisible due to a bug.
  • The Ear Collector title may be a reference to Diablo II ear collection system in PvP.
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