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"I have trained all my life to serve the Thousand and One gods. With their insight, I walk the dagger's edge between peace and war. By their grace, I can heal the wounded. When they wish to strike, I am their iron fist. I am Kharazim, Monk of Ivgorod. The gods speak through me. And they want a word with you!"

- Kharazim(src)

Kharazim is a male Monk.

He keeps his hair shaven out of piety.[1]


"To the Monks of Ivgorod, the gods are in all things, and their divine will is proclaimed by the Patriarchs. With unshakable faith, Kharazim followed their decree to discover heavenly fire that had fallen upon on the town of New Tristram."

Kharazim was born under the sign of Ytar. Becoming a Monk of Ivgorod, Kharazim apparently adopted him as his patron deity.[1] He never knew his family.[2]

As a servant to the Patriarchs, Kharazim travelled across many lands[1] (not including Kehjistan)[3] and met many people. For the people he met, he commented that "wisdom is as rare as a jewel nestled in a mountain peak."

With the coming of the Fallen Star, Kharazim journeyed to New Tristram.[1]


Diablo III[]

Kharazim uses the appearance of the Monk from Diablo III, and can be considered a canonical portrayal.

Heroes of the Storm[]

Kharazim appears as a Monk hero in Heroes of the Storm, and may be considered a possible representation of the Nephalem in a similar manner to characters such as Johanna, Valla, Sonya, and Nazeebo.

He bears standard Monk equipment: full tier of Plate Mail (with respective armor tier components), fighting unarmed. He uses skills from Diablo III, namely Dashing Strike, Seven-Sided Strike, Breath of Heaven, Serenity and so-called Combo Attack (closely resembles Way of the Hundred Fists and Deadly Reach).

Unlike other classes, he can choose his passive trait before the combat begins (but may not change it afterwards): Iron Fists to gain bonus attack damage, Transcendence to heal himself through melee combat, or Insight to restore mana and find a balance between both offensive and defensive roles.


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