"Soon after his imprisonment, Mephisto worked his evil corruption on the Zakarum priesthood. All were turned to his dark ways, save one - Khalim, the Que-Hegan of the High Council. Mephisto directed the other Council priests to slay and dismember Khalim and then scatter his remains across the Kingdom."

Deckard Cain(src)

Khalim was the one-time Que-Hegan of the High Council of the Zakarum.


When the Priests of Zakarum were taken by the dark powers of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, Khalim alone remained on the side of Light. Enraged, Mephisto ordered the other council members to kill him. Khalim was slain and dismembered, and his remnants were scattered across the kingdom. He was succeeded as Que-Hegan by Sankekur, who would later become Mephisto's host. At the advice of Deckard Cain, a group of heroes gathered Khalim's heart, brain, and eye, in order to fashion a flail that would shatter the Compelling Orb, allowing them to confront the Lord of Hatred.[1]

It is said that Khalim was incorruptible, and that his spirit will never rest until Mephisto is vanquished for all time.[2]


Khalim is the focus of the "Khalim's Will" quest in Diablo II, where players must gather his body parts in order to forge Khalim's Flail.

In Diablo III, he is referenced in the flavor text of The Que-Hegan's Will.


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