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"Bow before your superior, whelp!"

- Kalmor to his foe(s)(src)

Kalmor, Last of the Ancients was a first-generation nephalem.


Kalmor was one of the Ancients; the first generation of nephalem in Sanctuary.[1]

The Gospel of Death[]


"Watch yourself, brother. Remember it is they who gave us life.”
They gave us death. And they will pay for their sins in kind."

- Bersarik and Kalmor(src)

Kalmor encountered Bersarik on the road near the Temple of the Firstborn. Seeing signs of Bersarik’s ordeals, he asked if he was well. Kalmor realized that Bersarik intended violence against their makers, and the two came to blows. For half a day they dueled, until Kalmor used Bersarik’s own axe to mortally wound him. Both warriors were shocked, for never had one of the Firstborn given such injury to another. Kalmor apologized for what had occurred, but Bersarik told him not to be. He further told Kalmor to watch him die, and in doing so, understand what had brought him here.

As such, Kalmor learned that the nephalem could indeed die. That ‘’he’’ might have died if the battle had gone differently. He did know what to do with Bersarik’s corpse, but not wanting the carrion eaters to feast on it, laid Bersarik in the ground and made a cairn. True to what Bersarik had said, Kalmor understood Bersarik’s rage, and he shared some of the dead warrior’s anger.


Kalmor presents himself to the council

With his task complete, the gate of the temple opened, and an angelic herald approached with a summons, saying Kalmor’s battle with Bersarik had been observed from on high, and a council had been called. Kalmor obeyed the summons and entered, believing he would be punished for slaying another nephalem. However, they instead praised him for his service. They explained that the nephalem had never been given eternal life, for it was not within their power to provide it. That while the nephalem would not age or succumb to plague, they could still perish.

Kalmor asked what would be done with Bersarik’s blade, and was ordered to destroy it. The council filed out sans Lilith, who took the blade and led Kalmor into the depths of the temple. There, she reforged it into a new weapon and gave it to Kalmor, ordering him to hunt down those who had travelled with Bersarik, for they shared his lust for vengeance against their makers. Kalmor obeyed.[2]


"You speak of death.”
”It is the only power that matters. It is the power I have sought and worshipped these many years. It is the power I will master, and then I will rule over even those who made us.”
You did not do this to master death. You did this to master your fear of death, and now that your death is here, I wonder if you are afraid."

- Kalmor and Corvik(src)

Kalmor searched Sanctuary for Bersarik’s companions, Corvik and Helgrotha. He explored the uninhabited regions, in the deep shadows beneath silent, towering forests, and across the hot sands of distant deserts. In his travels, he witnessed more nephalem succumb to death. His journey lasted years—so many years, in fact, that he witnessed the Firstborn give birth to children, and their children give birth in turn. His journey took him through towns and villages and camps, but everywhere he asked, none had seen his quarry.

Over time, Kalmor grew disheartened in his inability to complete his quest, until one day, he came across a fellow traveler on the road. She told him of a rumor about a village where several had gone missing in a pass through the nearby hills. If Kalmor was seeking an evil that defied their forebears, perhaps it could be found there.

Kalmor thanked the traveler and went to the village, where they begged him to go no further. They promised him that only death awaited him beyond the hills. Kalmor agreed to eat and rest, but left them at dawn. As he ventured through the hills, he was reminded of Bersarik’s cairn, and felt a sickness upon the land, blighting everything that attempted to grow there.


Kalmor finds Korvik

He eventually found Corvik in a temple she had built. The sight of her lair gave him pause, and he questioned his ability to triumph. Regardless, he entered the structure, and found Corvik, clearly insane, carving up a corpse. She claimed to worship death, that its power was greater than their makers, and through it, she would rule over them. Kalmor responded that it was Corvik’s fear of death that had driven her to commit these atrocities, and asked if she was afraid, now that her death was here.

Corvik attacked, and drew Kalmor back, claiming that he was the one who reeked of fear. Kalmor was indeed afraid, but shouted that he would slay her as he had Bersarik. Corvik accused him of lying, and asked that if this was true, what had become of his blade. Kalmor raised the blade, and claimed it had been remade. Reminded of Gratian, Corvik was taken aback, which gave Kalmor the opportunity to cleave her in two. In her last words, she told Kalmor that she was afraid.

Kalmor was unmoved, and left Corvik’s body out in the open for the carrion eaters to feed on her. He left, not bothering to stop at the village, though they beheld his exodus. [2]


"Now you have come to kill me, and I see you have been given the means to do it. I suppose I have been waiting for you all these long years. I gave up living under the sun and moved only under cover of night, trying to hide from death. Still death has found me, and still I am a fool.”
”How are you a fool?”
”I see now that I cannot hide from death. No one can, nor can death be mastered through worship and flattery. To rage in defiance of death is to hasten it."

- Helgrotha and Kalmor(src)

For many more years, Kalmor searched for Helgrotha, the last of Bersarik’s companions, and for each of those years, she eluded him. Though the nephalem continued to grow and prosper, Kalmor became discouraged. The sword felt heavier in his hand, as if it knew of its failure, and had begun to revoke the strength it afforded him. By the night, he talked to the sword, suggesting that Helgrotha was perhaps dead, that she did not move under the sun. The sword replied with a dark glint that reminded Kalmor of the midnight sky above him. He concluded (correctly) that Helgrotha only moved during night.

Kalmor took this to heart, and his wanderings acquainted him with creatures of the night, and the depths of shadow cast by moonlight. One day, he came across a great woodland, where he found no road, or even a footpath that led to it, but could feel the eyes of its creatures looking upon him. He went to a nearby inn, but none there would speak of the woodland, and the very mention of it appeared to dim the candles. Then a hunter arrived, and while Kalmor was told that only a fool would enter the forest, he nevertheless told Kalmor of a being called “the Wood Witch,” who could speak with the forest’s animals and have them do her bidding.

Kalmor thanked the hunter and waited at the inn for daylight. With the sun having risen, he entered the forest. Despite its dark atmosphere, he reached a glade where he found a tall stone; one that reminded him of the cairn he had built Bersarik. He sat down and waited for nightfall, where upon its arrival, he shouted Helgrotha’s name.

The wood sent one animal after another to confront Kalmor—a fox, a spider, an owl, then finally, a bear, which unlike the others, attacked him. Kalmor was disarmed and the beast rose over him, before an order was given for it to halt. Helgrotha emerged from the gloom, and having heard her call the bear “Bersarik,” he told her that he knew that name, and asked if she had named him after the original man. She admitted as such, and that she mourned him even now. Kalmor admitted to slaying Bersarik and Corvik, but Helgrotha showed no surprise. She told Kalmor of how she had long tried to flee death, but that now, death had found her, and she was the fool. To rage in defiance of death was to hasten it, and Kalmor responded that death was earned.

Helgrotha claimed that death was a natural part of life, but Kalmor disagreed. He saw mortality as a weakness, and given that the nephalem were immortal, he believed that they should be grateful for that. Still, he kept these thoughts to himself. He saw that Helgrotha carried no blasphemy in her heart, nor a desire for vengeance against her makers, so when asked, he told her that he had no intention of killing her. He broke his blade in two, and buried the pieaces in the glade. He told Helgrotha that he would leave, if he might go in peace. Helgrotha gave him safe passage, but told him that peace was something he would have to find for himself.[2]

The Last Ancient[]

"When I look upon our weakened offspring, I am filled with rage. Killing them is a mercy, but one I have been unable to extend to myself. I must seek another to do what I cannot, before the endless days drive me to madness."

- Kalmor(src)

As their powers were diminished due to Inarius's tampering with the Worldstone[3], he watched on with disgust as subsequent generations of nephalem became mortal and weaker. He considered killing these humans a mercy, but despite possessing the same loathing for himself, could not bring himself to end his own life. He decided that he had to seek another to end his life for him.[1]

By 1285, he was apparently the last living Ancient in Sanctuary. That same year, he was confronted by the Nephalem, though he did not recognise the hero as one of his kind, but merely as an ordinary human. He decided that he would put them out of their misery, but instead the Nephalem put him out of his, killing him in the battle that ensued.[4]


Many stories were written about Kalmor after his parting with Helgrotha. The manner of his death was recorded at some point. [2]


5 Kalmor c
Gender: Male
Class: Brigand
Race: Nephalem
Act: Act V
Zone: Passage to Corvus
Rarity: Unique
Affixes: Arcane Enchanted

Kalmor is a unique Brigand that can be found during the event named The Last Ancient in Passage to Corvus in Act V of Diablo III. Note that he spawns in the fake version of the passage.

In combat, he has Arcane Enchanted, Fast, Teleporter and Jailer affixes, as well as triple attack speed. Risen Servitors constantly come to his aid, some of them carrying shields and having Reflects Damage affix. Kalmor is located in the far end of the chamber. Killing him ends the event.

Upon death, The Last of the Ancients lore book can be looted from his bag.


  • You are not the one I've been waiting for, just another of the sickly children. Do not worry, I will end your misery!
  • You can't possibly think yourself equal to a true human?
  • Bow before your superior, whelp!
  • You are stronger than I expected. Could you actually be the one ?
  • I have lived since the beginning! Best me and I may finally rest!
  • Sweet death, at last! (upon death)