"Bow before your superior, whelp!"

Kalmor to his foe(s)(src)

Kalmor, Last of the Ancients was a first-generation nephalem.


"When I look upon our weakened offspring, I am filled with rage. Killing them is a mercy, but one I have been unable to extend to myself. I must seek another to do what I cannot, before the endless days drive me to madness."


Kalmor was one of the Ancients; the first generation of nephalem in Sanctuary.[1] As their powers were diminished due to Inarius's tampering with the Worldstone[2], he watched on with disgust as subsequent generations of nephalem became mortal and weaker. He considered killing these humans a mercy, but despite possessing the same loathing for himself, could not bring himself to end his own life. He decided that he had to seek another to end his life for him.[1]

By 1285, he was apparently the last living Ancient in Sanctuary. That same year, he was confronted by the Nephalem, though he did not recognise the hero as one of his kind, but merely as an ordinary human. He decided that he would put them out of their misery, but instead the Nephalem put him out of his, killing him in the battle that ensued.[3]


5 Kalmor c
Gender: Male
Class: Brigand
Race: Nephalem
Act: Act V
Zone: Passage to Corvus
Rarity: Unique
Affixes: Arcane Enchanted

Kalmor is a unique Brigand that can be found during the event named The Last Ancient in Passage to Corvus in Act V of Diablo III. Note that he spawns in the fake version of the passage.

In combat, he has Arcane Enchanted, Fast, Teleporter and Jailer affixes, as well as triple attack speed. Risen Servitors constantly come to his aid, some of them carrying shields and having Reflects Damage affix. Kalmor is located in the far end of the chamber. Killing him ends the event.

Upon death, The Last of the Ancients lore book can be looted from his bag.


  • You are not the one I've been waiting for, just another of the sickly children. Do not worry, I will end your misery!
  • You can't possibly think yourself equal to a true human?
  • Bow before your superior, whelp!
  • You are stronger than I expected. Could you actually be the one ?
  • I have lived since the beginning! Best me and I may finally rest!
  • Sweet death, at last! (upon death)


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