Kaelan is an NPC guard that stands watch over the palace in Lut Gholein. Much like Flavie and Hadriel, Kaelan serves no purpose aside of guarding an area the player may not yet enter. But unlike the other two, who are more of a warning of impending danger in the tougher areas, the area Kaelan guards cannot be entered by the player without his, or in a more proper sense, Jerhyn's permission after the player has created the Horadric Staff and has started the search for the Arcane Sanctuary.

Kaelan guards the Harem levels and the succeeding Palace Cellar levels of the palace in Lut Gholein. He will step aside if the player properly completes the aforementioned chain of quests in Act II, at which time the player will be granted access to the area beneath the palace.


Kaelan plays a very minor role in advancing the storyline of Diablo II. He stands guard outside the Palace with a nameless partner and is depicted as one of the Desert Mercenaries who can be hired from Greiz. He is certainly not a Palace Guard, because the Guard's uniform has much more armor and padding as can be seen from their corpses in the lower levels of the Palace.

Kaelan does not speak much, nor does anyone mention him in their quotes. He has a total of four lines of dialog - a greeting, which cannot in any form be thought of as a greeting and four talking phrases.


Before gaining the Arcane Sanctuary quest:

  • "Halt!!!" (aforementioned greeting when the player gets close to the Palace)
  • "You may not pass."

After speaking to Jerhyn about the Arcane Sanctuary:

  • "Stay out of trouble." (immediately after the quest is gained, until the player leaves the city in some way)
  • "Welcome to the Palace."
  • "You may enter the Palace."


  • "Hey, hero. You're asking for trouble if you leave town now."
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