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"Diablo takes a kind of experience—the fantasy RPG experience—and makes it accessible to everyone. At the time of Diablo’s release, that kind of experience came only to a certain kind of person, and only if you could delve deeply into all the systems, and all the complexities that came with them could you then enjoy the experience. Diablo made it accessible for the rest of us. I can say this with a lot of authority, because I have a relative who I'd say is the quintessential "anti-gamer." He's someone who thinks games are silly; a waste of time. When D3 came out, I convinced him to try it out. After giving him a little direction, he starts clicking, starts killing monsters, and he just lost himself in the game for three hours and had a delightful experience. To me, that's the magic of Diablo."

- Julian Love(src)


Julian Love

Julian Love is a member of Blizzard Entertainment.


Love considered a role in the film industry due to his love of special effects, but instead began work in the games industry in 1996, working at Sierra Online. While working there, the lead programmer gave/leant him a copy of Diablo I. In his words, "I fell in love," and began playing it reguarly alongside the lead programmer and lead engineer of his team. After Diablo II was released, a coworker commented "you know, you show up every day and all you do is talk about Diablo and you know more about it than anyone else. Why aren’t you working there?" He asked the same question in 2002, and left Sierra, promptly gaining a job at Blizzard North.

Love worked on Blizzard North's version of Diablo III.[1] He worked on the game's technical engine.[2] He was one of the lead technical artists for the game.[3] As a lead technical artist, Love was chiefly involved with character concepts, as well as visual effects for heroes, monsters, and bosses. Love’s team also worked on special effects, breakables, and lighting.[4]

Currently, Love serves as the game's lead visual effects artist.[5]


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