Not to be confused with Juggernaut Monster trait.
Juggernaut Juggernaut
The duration of control impairing effects on the Barbarian is reduced by 50%. This stacks multiplicatively with the respective stat, if any. Whenever a Stun, Fear, Immobilize or Charm is put on the Barbarian, they have a chance to recover 20% of their maximum Life.

"I swear to you, we put a dozen arrows into him and he just stood back up. These so-called barbarians, these madmen of the north — there is no stopping them." — Soldier of Bastion's Keep

Juggernaut is a Barbarian passive skill in Diablo III, unlocked at level 50.


The chance to recover Life appears to be around 100%, but decreases with each additional effect that is put on the Barbarian within a short time.


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Originally, the Barbarian class had a whole branch of skills named Juggernaut. However, the entire branch system was eventually removed. Iron Will passive skill was a rough equivalent of Juggernaut in early builds.