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For the game director of Diablo III, see Josh Mosqueira.
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Josh Mosqueira, Rift Boss is a Unique Dark Thrall found in Development Hell, and a Rift Guardian in form of a greatly empowered Punisher in Diablo III.


Development Hell[]

He has Electrified and Vortex affixes in combat.

Upon death, he has a chance to drop Second Quinquennial Sword.

Nephalem Rift[]

5 Josh Mosqueira - Rift Boss c

Mosqueira as a Rift Guardian

On very rare occasions, he can spawn in a Nephalem Rift, being buffed accordingly, as a monster or as a Rift Guardian. The chance is even lower than that of encountering the Lord of Bells. He is the only Unique monster that can be summoned in a Nephalem Rift through Nemesis Bracers.

In combat, he has Wormhole and Orbiter affixes, his title will be changed to Reaper of 'Soles (consoles).

Upon killing him, a Mosquito Swatter achievement under the Feats Of Strength category is unlocked.


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  • This monster is named after Josh Mosqueira. As with Jay Wilson, there is a feat of strength achievement for killing him (as the rift guardian).



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