"Rage. Hate. Fear. They all feed upon one another. A demon hunter learns how to direct hate. But such a balance is precarious. And when that balance is lost, the cycle begins: Hate begets Destruction. Destruction begets Terror as Terror begets Hate."


Josen is a Demon Hunter. He was fond of saying that everything was a test, including life itself.


Training Valla

Josen encountered Valla; the lone survivor of a village that had been attacked by demons. He took the traumatized child under his wing, teaching her to harness her anger and pain as a weapon against demons, training her as a fellow Demon Hunter.

In the year 1270, Josen and Valla were in the Shassar Sea. They had caught wind of a demon nest having formed in the area, and they had come to slaughter the creatures.[1] In this, they were aided by a group of heroes.[2]


On one assignment, Josen partnered Valla with Delios, a fellow hunter. They encountered the demon Draxiel in ruins in the Dreadlands. Josen saved them, firing a bolt at the demon and causing it to disappear in a flash of light.[3]

Hatred and Discipline

In 1285, Josen, Valla, and two other hunters were in the town of Holbrook, which had become a ghost town. He let Valla piece together what had happened, that one of their own, Delios, had fallen to a demon's corruption. Now, he was performing acts that were befitting of hellspawn.

Josen told Valla that come sunrise he would ride to Bramwell to find Delios. Valla wanted to find the demon that corrupted him, but Josen refused, reasoning that she wasn't ready, and that he would send another hunter in her place. He told her to remain in place, and not to go after Delios either.

Delios was dealt with, and Josen returned, where he found that Valla had defeated the demon that had corrupted him. Its evil defeated, they discussed whispers they had heard that a star would fall on Tristram in seven days time, which was believed to be a sign of the Prophecy of the End of Days. Josen had been requested to send his best hunter to investigate. Valla immediately volunteered herself, and rode off. Josen smiled as she went.[3]


Josen appears as an NPC in Diablo Immortal. Alongside Valla, he is encountered in the Shassar Sea zone.[2]


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