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Joritz the Mighty was a Barbarian, who wore fearsome armor.[1]

He was captured in the early stages of a battle that would determine who ruled the Northern Steppes. He was liberated from a Samaurenian prison camp by Raekor.[2] As he fought with side by side with Raekor to liberate the labor camp, Joritz claimed a dented tusked helm from a fallen foe.[3]

Joritz dedicated his life to Raekor in thanks,[2] and he continued the fight against the Samurenians. As his legend grew, the unique shape of his helm became synonymous with his great deeds.[3] Eventually, Raekor and Joritz married. On their wedding day, he presented her with a piece of armor.[2] He later suffered an untimely death, but his wife carried on his legacy.[1]


Joritz is mentioned in flavor lore of The Legacy of Raekor item set in Diablo III, and in the Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty in Diablo IV.