"The Crusade calls us, my friend"


Johanna is a female Crusader.[2]


"I am searching for an apprentice. Someone to train in the art of righteous warfare. Someone to carry my shield, my name and my crusade after I fall in battle. Not everyone is suited for this life. The Crusade is a heavy burden, but someone has to carry it. My name is Johanna. I am searching for an apprentice... Interested?"


Johanna was famous for her skillful shield work in combat. When she vanished, leaving her shield and favorite flail behind, many speculated that she was dead.[3][4] At the least, it appeared that her journey was unplanned.[4] She did not have an apprentice.[3]

The End of DaysEdit

"There have been many women who have borne the name Johanna in service of the crusade, and each has given her life to purify her faith. Johanna carries on their legacy as she searches the kingdom of Khanduras for the fallen star."



Johanna's story was recorded in the annals of the Crusader order.[4]


Diablo IIIEdit

Johanna has two legendary items in Diablo III named after her; Johanna's Argument (a flail) and Guard of Johanna (a Crusader shield).

Through Heroes of the Storm, she can be considered to be a possible representation of the Nephalem in a similar manner to characters such as Valla, Sonya, and Nazeebo.

Heroes of the StormEdit

"Resolved to give her life for the Crusade, Johanna has entered the Nexus in search of an apprentice who will carry on her legacy when she is gone."

Johanna Spotlight(src)

Johanna as seen in-game

Johanna appears as a Crusader hero in Heroes of the Storm. In her standard equipment, she wears the Royal Shield, Plate Mail (with respective armor tier components), but her flail does not match any existing item. She uses Blessed Shield, Falling Sword, Shield Glare, Punish and Condemn skills, as well as Iron Skin as a passive trait.

Unlike other heroes representing playable classes, visually, Johanna does not follow the classic phenotype of the in-game Crusader class, having a different face, hair color and haircut.


Johanna Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

Johanna Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

Trivia Edit

This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Johanna may be named after and/or inspired by Joan of Arc (the medieval French spelling of her name was Jehane, and is still rendered Johanna in modern German). Her hairstyle bears some (but not complete) similarity to that of Joan in the 1999 film.
  • As Guard of Johanna uses an Askari shield model, it is possible that Johanna, or her predecessor(s), came from Skovos Isles.


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